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A Fishing Face Mask for Sun Protection

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A GILLZ fishing face mask is one of the most important pieces of apparel you can have for protecting your skin from the sun. Whether you're a professional angler or simply like to go out and take a few casts on a lazy Sunday, you need the right apparel to avoid sunburn and damage to your skin. Thanks to high-quality fabrics and an innovative design, our GILLZ fishing face mask is perfect for anglers of all types who want to stay protected from the elements, especially the sun’s harmful rays.

Lightweight Microfibe Fabric

Utilizing UPF 50 microfiber fabric, our fishing face mask is lightweight, comfortable, and features a snug fit so you don’t have to constantly hassle with adjustments. This is especially handy when you're fishing, or in action, so you can keep your hands free and not bother with your mask.

Another important aspect of the microfiber fabric is that it's hard to stain and easy to clean. No matter where you’re fishing, there’s a chance things could get messy with mud, fish blood, or anything else that might stain your apparel. This fishing face mask, however, resists stains, helping it look great for years. It's also easy to clean, giving you a one-two punch for your fishing apparel.

Convenient Breathe Hole and Gill Plates 

If you're out on a sunny day, you’re probably wearing a pair of sunglasses. With a mask on, your breath is directed up and into your sunglasses, often creating sunglass fog. The GILLZ face mask is equipped with gill plates on the sides to tunnel air to your neck and down your shirt and a gray mesh breathe hole to reduce sunglass fog. You can keep your sunglasses on and enjoy clear, sharp vision for hours, thanks to this excellent design.

Protective Saddle Cut Design

The bottom of our GILLZ fishing face mask is saddle cut for for ultimate tuckability and seamless sun protection on the neck. The fishing face mask fits conveniently inside your shirt, which allows you to wear your mask with practically any fishing apparel. While it’s perfectly matched with our long-sleeve fishing shirts, it can be worn with a variety of tops and tees. The saddle cut is just another detail that makes it an essential piece of fishing apparel.

UPF 50 for Excellent Sun Protection

One of the biggest challenges for anglers is staying protected from the sun. Harmful rays can cause aging, wrinkles, and can even lead to skin cancer, so you need to protect yourself. With our GILLZ fishing face mask, you’ll have UPF 50 protection, so you can stay out in the sun without exposing your skin to harmful sunburns.

Fishing Face Masks for a Longer Day on the Water

Visit Breathe Like a Fish today to learn more about our excellent fishing apparel, including our comfortable and lightweight GILLZ fishing face mask. For comfort, convenience, and protection against the elements, opt for a fishing face mask and stay on the water for hours.

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