Best Fishing Times and the Right Apparel

When is the best time to go fishing? Ask any fisherman, and you will likely get more information than you can handle. Water temperature, tide levels, sun angles, fishing depth, and seasonal changes will all be brought up. It may be the most talked about, debated, and analyzed subject for anglers.

You can spend hours looking at all the factors, but for most people, it comes down to two specific times. Both times, however, create unique challenges when choosing your fishing apparel.

Get Up Early and See the Sunrise

This one might be difficult for some people, but early mornings are generally held to be one of the best times for fishing. Many species of fish, in both fresh and saltwater, are very active in the hours before and after sunrise. The fish are biting, but the morning also offers peace and quite, and you can often have the best fishing hole to yourself while other anglers are snoozing away.

Morning fishing, however, creates challenges with your choice of apparel. When you’re heading out, it’s usually very cool, even down right chilly, and you’ll want to to wear something that keeps you warm. As the sun rises, so does the temperature, and you’ll need something that is breathable and protects you from the sun.

Watch a Gorgeous Sunset from the Water

The other time of day that most anglers swear by is the evening, especially during the hot summer months. Water temperatures are high and fish tend to stay inactive during the day and start feeding around twilight. Many anglers won’t go out on hot afternoons, but will instead wait until after dinner.

Evenings present a great opportunity for anglers, but just like the mornings, they create a challenge for apparel. This time, you need something to keep you cool when you head out and something to keep you warm after the sun goes down.

Breathe Like a Fish Apparel for any Time of Day

While lunar cycles, seasonal changes, and weather conditions can all make a difference, any experienced angler will tell you that mornings and evenings are usually the best. But that means you need versatile fishing apparel that can keep you warm, keep you cool, and protect you from the sun.

Breathe Like a Fish has you covered with an excellent selection of fishing apparel made from top-quality materials. When you need to stay warm, these long sleeve fishing shirts have a durable microdenier polyester and the advantage of an available Element Mask, which protects your neck and face. When the sun is sitting high, you can stay cool with breathable mesh on the underside of the arms and bodice. UPF 50+ fabric also means your skin will be protected from the harsh sun.

For most anglers, there are “good” times to fish and “best” times to fish, but there is never a “bad” time to fish. Any time you can hit the water, cast a line, and enjoy the outdoors is time well spent. If you happen to catch a fish, well that’s just an added bonus!

Get the Right Fishing Apparel for Any Time of Day

No matter what time of day you plan on fishing, get your apparel from Breathe Like a Fish. You’ll have high-quality fishing shirts that keep you warm when you need it and help keep your skin protected when the sun is at its worst.

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