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Innovative Apparel: The Element Mask

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Anglers all over the country have to battle the elements. Whether it’s cold temperatures or the blazing sun, you need to have the right apparel to keep you comfortable and safe.  That’s why we created the Element Mask, an intelligently-designed fishing mask that covers your cheeks, nose, neck, and more.

The element mask is one of the most innovative pieces of fishing apparel you will ever find. How many times have you had saltwater splashed into your face? How many times have you bundled up for an early-morning fishing adventure only to have a chilly neck? How many times have you spent a day on the water and had a scorching sunburn? If you’re like most anglers, this has happened a lot, but with the Element Mask from Breath Like a Fish, you can keep your neck and face protected from all the outside elements.

This fantastic little products covers your face and neck, and it fits great while wearing a hat or visor. It has a snug, comfortable fit, and could even keep your hat from being blown off your head!

The breathe-through mesh at the mouth is a fantastic addition to the Element Mask. This feature allows your breath to escape and helps keep your sunglasses from fogging up.

The Element Mask is great for sunny days, as it has a UPF +50 rating. Don’t put yourself at risk by going out unprotected, keep your skin safe and healthy with the Element Mask.

Choose the Element Mask that Works Best for You

You can choose from two different types of Element Masks. The first is attached to a high-quality long-sleeve shirt, which is built with the same excellent fabrics, and the second is the mask alone, which gives you added versatility for your fishing apparel.

Element Mask with Long-sleeve Shirt

The long sleeve shirt with attached element mask is a great choice for anglers who want the complete package. This high-performance shirt is made from 100% microdenier polyester and includes a breathable mesh underneath the arms and sides. The fabrics wick away moisture, keeping you dry for hours, and the shirt is built with a tag-less label for added comfort.

The Element Mask by Itself

If you simply want the Element Mask by itself, we have you covered as well. These masks have gill plates on the sides, which tunnel air down your neck and into your shirt. This is great for sunny days when you want air flow but also need to keep the sun off your neck. They come with a saddle-cut bottom for an easier fit over your shoulders, and can be combined with other shirts or fishing apparel, making them essential for any angler’s wardrobe.

Fishing Apparel for the Smart Angler

Visit  our website today and you can have the innovative Element Mask from Breath Like a Fish. This is more than just a face cover, it’s an innovative product made from the highest-quality materials.

You can stay warm on the cold mornings and keep the harmful sun off your neck in the afternoons by getting the Element Mask from Breath Like a Fish!

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