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Cool Fishing Accessories from Breathe Like a Fish

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If you have a passion for fishing, you need top-quality gear and apparel for your favorite activity. But what about cool fishing accessories?

You can show your love for the sport of fishing with top-quality apparel from Breathe Like a Fish. We are known for our innovative fishing shirts, but we also have an excellent selection of cool accessories, including hats, decals, and a fishing mask that sets the standard for skin protection and comfort.

Two Tone Medium Profile Mesh Back Cap

When you are looking for a comfortable, breathable mesh hat that keeps you cool and looks great, our mesh-back cap is a great choice. This hat has the Breathe Like a Fish logo on the front, and can be found with a white mesh back in either black or forest green. The hat uses a six-panel structure and cotton twill fabric on the front. It is also adjustable thanks to the white plastic snap tab at the back of the cap. This hat is perfect for hot days on the water, as the cap’s bill protects you from the sun while the mesh back lets the breeze cool your head.

Breathe Like a Fish 3” Decal

With a black Breathe Like a Fish logo, this 3-inch decal is the perfect addition to your car, truck, or boat. You can even stick it to the fridge in your man cave or find a place for it in your office. No matter where you choose to put this attractive decal, you will be able to show your love for fishing and passion for high-quality apparel. This pressure sensitive vinyl decal is perfect for boats, windshields, or any other flat surface. Some people even use the BLF decals to mark their rod tubes or tackle boxes, and many people decorate their kayaks and canoes with these top-quality fishing decals.

Element Mask

This is the ultimate addition to your collection of fishing accessories. The Element Mask is available as part of our long-sleeve fishing shirts, but you can also purchase the mask by itself, allowing for versatility and convenience. This excellent fishing accessory covers your face and neck, and comes with a mesh breathe hole at the mouth, which keeps your sunglasses from fogging up. The Element Mask also has gill plates on the side that tunnel air into your shirt for added cooling and comfort.

Any angler who has spent an afternoon on the water knows the importance of protecting your skin. Sunburns can be painful and very dangerous, but with the right fishing accessories, you can stay protected from the harmful sun. The Element Mask not only keeps you comfortable, it also provides shade for your face and neck, making it one of the most important fishing accessories you can own. By the way, it also look pretty cool too!

All the Coolest Fishing Accessories

Whether you need a comfortable hat, an innovative fishing mask, or a sharp-looking decal for your car or boat, you can find cool accessories by visiting the online store from Breathe Like a Fish.

You deserve the best fishing accessories, and Breathe Like a Fish can help make it happen.

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