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Fishing with Bill Miller: Expert Angler and Dedicated Outdoorsman

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Breathe Like a Fish is proud to work with some of the best anglers in the country. These men and women know their fishing inside and out, and they expect the best from their apparel and their equipment. Bill Miller, an expert angler and one of the nation’s most popular fishing show hosts, has selected Breathe Like a Fish as one of his top apparel choices, and we are proud to be one of his sponsors.

Expert Angler and Dedicated Outdoorsman

Captain Bill Miller is a native of the Tampa, FL area, where he learned to catch a wide variety of fish out of Florida’s costal waters. Through hard-work and dedication, Capt. Miller  became a top angling instructor and is regarded as one of the top fisherman in the world. His show, Fishing With Bill Miller, is broadcast weekly on the World Fishing Network. It provides instruction on fishing techniques, information about fish biology and habitats, and tips from guest experts who share their knowledge of fishing and the outdoors.

Bill is not only a fishing guide, captain, and show host, he’s also one of the most achieved anglers in history. He is a certified fly casting instructor, has won numerous first place finishes in fishing tournaments in North and South America, and has been a committee member for the Tampa Tarpon Tournament. One of his greatest accomplishment, however, is the title of Grand Master Angler.

Grand Master Angler

Created in 1984 by Ande Monofilament, the Ande Grand Master Release Club was created as a challenge for anglers to catch a wide variety of fish. The rules required anglers to catch, photograph, and release 20 eligible species to earn the title of “Master Angler”. Anglers could, however, go for an even greater accomplishment. Catch 30 different species, and you earn the title of “Grand Master Angler”.

Bill Miller saw the challenge as a chance to increase his fishing skills and expand his knowledge, so between 1985 and 1987, Bill pursued 30 eligible fish species. The first fish was a blackfin tuna that he caught and released in the Florida Keys. His challenge concluded off the coast of Venezuela when he caught and released a white marlin. With the accomplishment, he became one of only two Ande Grand Master Anglers.

He not only earned the honored title, he also gained valuable experience catching a wide variety of fish.

Community and Conservation Minded

Like many anglers, Bill Miller is involved with the community and with conservation efforts. His show features information on fishing conservation, such as genetic tagging programs conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Bill is also involved in the community and has participated with youth and charity programs. For example, he has been a chairman for fishing tournaments that have benefitted the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Dedicated to Quality Equipment and Apparel

As an elite angler, Bill Miller only puts his name behind high-quality fishing rods, reels, tackle, and apparel. With Bill’s endorsement, you know that apparel from Breathe Like a Fish will meet the highest standard for comfort and flexibility.

Quality Fishing Apparel from Breathe Like a Fish

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