Fabric First: The Best Fishing Shirts for Men

Everyone wants a durable, comfortable shirt, but if you love to fish, you have specific needs for your apparel. Your fishing shirt needs to be light enough to keep you cool, but strong enough to protect you from the harmful sun. It needs to resist stains, and it needs to keep you dry and comfortable through hours on the water. 

Lucky for you, Breathe Like a Fish has created some of the most advanced fishing shirts available. Our fishing apparel is made from high-quality materials that work to keep you comfortable, cool, and dry.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

When you go fishing with apparel from Breathe Like a Fish, one of the first things you will notice is the excellent moisture-wicking fabric. Nothing is worse than making your first cast and already having clothes that are soaked. Wet clothes sap your energy and can even make you sick, but with one of the excellent Breathe Like a Fish shirts, water will bead right off, leaving you dry and comfortable for hours. This a great quality to have when you’re fishing in a boat and getting splashed by waves, so stay dry by wearing a quality fishing shirt from Breathe Like a Fish.

Protecting You From the Sun

On sunny summer days, your skin can take a real scorching. Don’t subject yourself to the dangers of exposure to the sun when you can wear a quality shirt that has a UPF +50 rating. You’ll be able to protect your skin and stay comfortable for hours. If you’re on a boat, you may have little to no protection from the sun’s rays, but with our shirts, you’ll be able to keep the sun off your skin. We have long sleeve shirts that protect your upper body, and you can also choose one of our fishing shirts with an attached mask for added sun protection on your face and neck.

Cool, Breathable Mesh

You might think that wearing a long sleeve fishing shirt on a hot summer day would be unbearable, but we have you covered with our breathable mesh fabric. We have included breathable mesh on the underside of the arms and bodice to help air flow around your body. Even when the temperature rises, you’ll be cool and comfortable, allowing you to keep wearing our shirts on the hottest, most sun-baked of days.

Keeping the Stains Away

Nothing is more annoying than a large stain on your favorite fishing shirt, but any active angler will eventually get dirty. Mud, cut bait, dirty water, fish blood; there are hundreds of things waiting to ruin a good fishing shirt. Breathe Like a Fish has included stain resistant materials to help you keep your shirt looking great for years. No matter which one of our fishing shirts you select, you be able to get down and dirty knowing that you have the advantage of our moisture resistant fabrics.

Find a Top-Quality Fishing Shirt Today

Visit our store and find the top-quality fishing shirts you need. You’ll get excellent fishing apparel from Breathe Like a Fish, so check out our selection today.

You can find long sleeve fishing shirts in a wide range of styles, including camo, moss green, and high-pressure blue, giving you plenty of options.