Fishing Tournaments in Florida

Florida Fishing Tournament in Key WestFishing tournaments in Florida offer anglers from across the country the chance to test their skills against the best.

Florida offers some of the most unique and diverse fishing in the world. In one single state, you can cover deep-sea fishing, saltwater flats, bass lakes, and muddy-water catfish streams. It’s an angler’s paradise, and it’s home to some of the best fishing tournaments in the country.

All Types of Florida Fishing Tournaments for Any Angler

There are hundreds of fishing tournaments throughout the state of Florida, and you are sure to find an event that fits your skills, experience, and favorite fish. You can find fishing tournaments for everything from largemouth bass to Florida sailfish. Redfish, cobia, saltwater trout, catfish; if it’s caught in or around Florida, there’s probably a tournament for it.

You can compete in a kayak tournaments that challenge your skills in salt or freshwater, or compete in one of the many yacht tournaments. There are tournament just for women, as well as tournaments designed for kids of all ages.

While there are tournaments that have purses estimated at $500,000, but there are also tournaments that only cost a small fee to join.

Keep a lookout for tournaments that are hosted for a good cause. Many fishing tournaments in Florida donate a portion of the proceeds, and you can often find tournaments that are hosted to directly support an organization or charity.

Fishing tournaments in Florida are hosted all year, so no matter what month it is, you can likely find an upcoming fishing tournament that works for you.

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Get the Right Gear For Your Fishing Tournament

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Be Prepared For a Florida Fishing Tournament

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