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High-Quality Fishing Apparel for Women

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Women's Quality Fishing ShirtQuality women’s fishing apparel can be hard to come by. You can go to an outdoor store and find plenty of options for men, but you may have trouble finding the perfect fishing shirt for the lady angler.

Breathe Like a Fish, however, wants to help. We have some excellent women’s fishing shirts that are durable, comfortable, and built to fit perfectly.

The Perfect Shirt for a Woman Angler

With our women’s fishing shirts, you can show your passion for fishing and adventure, all while staying comfortable and dry. This is more than the average women’s long-sleeve, this is high-performance fishing apparel that helps you get the most from every fishing trip.

Our women’s fishing shirts use high-performance microdenier polyester with breathable white mesh on the underside of the arms and along the side of the bodice. This helps air vent into the shirt and keeps you cool, even on the hottest summer days. Thanks to moisture-wicking technology, water swiftly beads off of your shirt, helping you stay dry in the face of splashing fish and ocean sprays.

Stain-resistant and anti-microbial technology means you can join the guys baiting hooks, pulling in trophy fish, or even cleaning your catch; and you won’t have to worry about ruining your new fishing apparel!

Long-Sleeve Apparel for Fishing, Biking, Hiking, and More

Our women’s long-sleeve shirts may have been designed with the angler in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these comfortable shirts during other outdoor activities. These shirts are also great for biking, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, or simply enjoying a walk in the woods. Thanks to UPF +50 fabrics, you’ll protect your skin from the harmful sun, and with the anti-stain technology, your shirt will stay neat and clean even during the dirtiest activities, like riding a mountain bike down a muddy path. They may be built for the lady angler, but women who enjoy any outdoor activity will love the style and comfort of our women’s fishing shirts.

Women’s Long Sleeve with White Mesh

This is our classic women’s long-sleeve fishing shirt. It has the stylish Breathe Like a Fish logo sitting front and center and a loose fit that is perfect for women anglers who need flexibility and comfort. This fishing shirt is available in hot pink, overcast silver, and high viz yellow, so you can choose the perfect look for your personal style.

Women’s Long Sleeve Camo with White Mesh

Like our other long-sleeve shirts, the camo version has the Breathe Like a Fish logo at the front of the shirt. Only this time, instead of a single-color design, the logo is surrounded by an attractive pink camo design that is found throughout the entire shirt except for the under-arm and bodice mesh. This is a great apparel choice for women who love all kinds of outdoor activities.

Find Gorgeous Women’s Fishing Apparel

Stop by our website and check out our selection of women’s fishing apparel today. You’ll find the perfect long-sleeve for all of your outdoor activities. Whether you like to fish, bike, hike, canoe, ride, or simply love spending an afternoon in the outdoors, women’s apparel from Breathe Like a Fish makes a great companion.

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