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Preparing for the Fishing Season

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Fishing Season Lake SunsetWhen you are getting ready for warmer weather and full days of fishing, it can be tempting to simply grab your rod and head out on the water. But first, you’ll need to take the time to prepare your gear and stock up on the items you will need throughout the season. Keep these tips in mind before you start the fishing season and you’ll get more enjoyment from every trip to the water.

Clean and Care for Your Reels 

Having a smooth, clean reel is essential in the sport of fishing. One of the first things you should do when preparing for the fishing season is to clean your reels. Disassemble them as much as you can and get rid of any Take Care of Fishing Equipmentsand or dirt that may be lurking inside. You can purchase oil in small containers that are shaped like a pen, which can help with precise application to all the moving parts.

Sure, you can get away with using the same line that was on your reel last year, but serious anglers will want to replace that old line with fresh stuff every year. No matter what type you prefer, last year’s line was subjected to water saturation, tension from fish and snags, and all-around abuse. It can stiffen up, become coiled, and loose its strength, so invest time and money into new lines every year.

Tools for Your Tackle Box

Make sure your tackle box has all the essential tools that you will need on the water. A set of nail clippers is very handy for cutting line, and a multi-tool with a knife, screwdriver, and needle-nose pliers is a must have in every tackle box. These tools offer versatility without taking up too much space, making them especially handy for kayak anglers who generally carry smaller tackle boxes. If you plan on keeping fish, make sure you have a quality stringer in your tackle box as well.

Stay Protected

While you’re stocking up on tools for your tackle box, pick up some other items that you will need for the fishing season. Two important items are new sunscreen and new bug repellant. These items will help protect you from harmful sun-rays and annoying bug bites to ensure you get more enjoyment for the entire fishing season.

Get Your License

Getting your state fishing license is important, not only because it is legally required, but also because it helps fund wildlife and habitat conservation efforts. Having your license with you while you fish is mandatory, so keep it in your tackle box and make sure you have it on hand whenever you head out.

Get Ready for the Fishing Season with Quality Apparel

Having the right apparel is essential if you want to stay dry, comfortable, and cool for the duration of the fishing season. Breathe Like a Fish has all the apparel you Quality Fishing Apparelneed to protect your skin while keeping you cool, including high-quality long-sleeve fishing shirts with UV protection and cooling technology. You can also find fishing masks to protect your face and neck, giving you all-around comfort for the entire season.

Visit our website and take a look at our complete selection of fishing apparel. You can find items for men and women, as well as fishing masks and decals for your vehicles. Don’t start the fishing season without stocking up on the durable, comfortable apparel you need to have an enjoyable summer.

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