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Why Excellent Fishing Apparel Matters

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Top Quality Fishing ApparelAs an angler, you put a lot of thought into your rods, reels, tackle, line, and equipment. You take the time before you go fishing to give yourself the best chance at a successful outing. So why wouldn’t you put the same thought into your apparel? The truth is, with the right apparel, you can be more effective on the water while allowing yourself to stay out longer, which will only result in more catches.

Your clothing is an important part of fishing. It protects you from the harmful UV rays, and some apparel can even improve your performance in sport fishing. So when you’re getting ready for a day spent on the water, be sure to dress appropriately for reeling in the biggest game fish under the sun and in the heat.

Complete Range of Motion

To be a successful angler, you need a free, unrestricted casting motion that allows you to accurately place the lure exactly where it Fishing Apparel Range of Motionneeds to go. With regular shirts, the stiff, heavy fabrics can limit the rotation of your torso, arms, and shoulders. But with high-performance fishing apparel, you’ll be able to move in a completely unrestricted motion, giving you complete control of your cast. Especially for anglers participating in active sports like red drum or bass fishing, the free casting motion that you get from performance fishing apparel is essential.

Protection from the Sun

When you head out on the water, it can be easy to get so focused on catching fish that you completely forget about your skin. That is, until you get home with a searing sunburn. While you should always use sunscreen and other protective measures, performance fishing apparel gives you added protection from the sun by covering your arms, shoulders, and back. You can even choose one of the Breathe Like a Fish long-sleeve shirts with an attached mask, which gives added protection to your face and neck.

Stay Cool

Cool Fishing ApparelIt’s the classic conundrum of anglers and outdoor adventurers everywhere: you need an article of clothing to protect your skin, but by adding more clothes, you make yourself hotter. That’s why performance apparel is so important. Performance fishing shirts from Breathe Like a Fish are made with highly advanced, lightweight materials that help you stay cool. To increase your comfort, there is mesh along the sides and inside the arms, which makes the shirt even more breathable and provides a higher level of all-day comfort. With other shirts, you can either stay cool or protect your skin. With performance fishing shirts, you can have both at the same time.

Staying Clean, Happy, and Dry

Every angler knows that when you fish, you’ll eventually get wet. Try as you might, it’s only a matter of time until splashing fish, rolling waves, or sprays from the wind wet your clothing. With a regular cotton tee shirt, you’re basically forced to stay soggy the rest of the day, but with performance fishing apparel, rain and splashes will bead right off. These shirts also have anti-microbial and stain-resistant fabrics, which means you have a shirt that stays in good shape for year.

Shop Quality Fishing Shirts Today

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