Breathe Like a Fish: Half Sleeve Graphic Shirt

Breathe Like a Fish: Half Sleeve Graphic Shirt

Having the right fishing apparel is essential. You need something that protects your skin, keeps you cool, and resists stains. While you’re at it, you should have something that looks good too.

The half sleeve graphic shirt from Breathe Like a Fish is just what you need.

Breathe Like a Fish is a leader in high-quality fishing shirts. While we have built a reputation for excellent materials, including water-resistant, anti-microbial, and stain-resistant fabrics, we are also known for our superior designs.

As avid anglers ourselves, we find the best designs come from the water, especially the fish that call it home. With that in mind, we created the Half Sleeve Graphic Shirt, a white long-sleeve fishing shirt that has the beautiful design of a redfish, snook, bass, or mahi, also known as the dolphinfish, on the bottom of the right sleeve.

Using the same materials that have made our other shirts so popular, this long-sleeve fishing shirt is all white with a large Breathe Like a Fish logo at the chest. This logo is imprinted in the fish design, just like the sleeve. For example, with the bass shirt, you can just make out the bass scales through the logo. Thanks to intelligent designs and world-class materials, this is one of the most interesting fishing shirts available.


With a distinct lateral line, the snook is one of the most easily recognizable saltwater fish. They are popular as an inshore gamefish, and they are often found near structures, especially docks and bridge columns. They are good for the table, but many anglers who pursue these fish are in it for the sport alone.


These are one of the most popular gamefish for anglers in warm, shallow waters. As a hungry yet skittish feeder, the redfish can bring a day of activity or weeks of frustration. With a colorful body that ranges from brownish red to orange, we thought the redfish would make a perfect addition to the Half Sleeve Graphic Shirts.


Largemouth bass dominate the freshwater fishing world, so we knew their unique pattern would make a perfect choice for this shirt. Found in practically every state in the nation, the hard-fighting largemouth is arguably the most popular gamefish in the country, and you can show your passion for bass fishing with Breathe Like a Fish. 


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but you’d have a hard time finding a fish more beautiful than the mahi or “dolphinfish.” Bright green and yellow in coloring, the dolphinfish is popular for a photo-op as well as table fare. As one of the fastest-maturing saltwater fish, the mahi has a healthy, replenishing population that leads to excellent fishing stock. You can take the beauty of the dolphinfish wherever you go with this attractive fishing shirt.

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