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Performance Fishing Apparel for the Fall Season

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Fall is one of the best times for fishing. While many anglers pack up their gear after summer, smart anglers know that the months of September, October, and November present excellent opportunities for catching fish.

As the season changes, fish are on the move, and many species are busy fattening up for the long winter. You can get out on the water and catch plenty of fish during the fall, but you need the right performance apparel for the entire season.

Breathe Like a Fish makes some of the best long-sleeve shirts and fishing masks for the fall season. Keep reading to find out why you should be wearing one of our shirts while you’re out fishing this fall.

Breathable Shirts for Warm Fall Days

During the fall, the temperature starts to cool, and your outdoor adventures will require more and more layers to keep you warm. However, if you live in southern climates like Texas, Florida, California, or the Carolinas, you’re still going to have quite a few hot days, especially in the afternoon. For this reason, you need apparel that will keep you cool and comfortable, just like it would in the heat of summer. When you wear fishing apparel from Breathe Like a Fish, you’ll have the comfort you need for hours on the water, even in the hottest weather. These long-sleeve fishing shirts are perfect for the fall, because they give you complete comfort with breathable mesh on the underside of the arms and torso region. You can let the cool breeze meet your body, ensuring you don’t overheat during a time when you should be catching fish.

Water-Resistant During Fall Showers

performance fishing gear

The fall fishing season can have some interesting weather. From calm skies to harsh tropical storms, you never know what might happen from week to week. Some of the best weather for fishing in the fall is during light rain showers. Unfortunately, these showers can soak cotton tee shirts and other fishing apparel, forcing anglers to head for the docks before they catch their trophy fish. With Breathe Like a Fish, however, you’ll have moisture-resistant apparel that helps you stay dry during rain. Even splashes from fish and sprays from the ocean, which can happen in any kind of weather, will bead off thanks to our advanced fabrics.

Long-Sleeve Shirts for All-Day Comfort

Fall can be an unpredictable time of year. You might go out on your fishing boat in the morning with very cool weather, only to have the day heat up into the 90s and beyond. Because the weather can be so different, you need to wear apparel the helps you stay comfortable during the entire fall season. Thanks to our advanced materials and innovative engineering, Breathe Like a Fish shirts will keep you warm in the morning and cool when the sun is bearing down. The long-sleeve design gives you a little extra protection from the chill, while mesh in the inner-arm area keeps you comfortable in the heat, making it the ultimate choice for fall performance fishing apparel.

Find Your Fall Performance Fishing Apparel

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Visit the online store from Breathe Like a Fish and find the perfect fishing shirt for your fall adventures. Whether you need a fishing mask, a hat, or an advanced fishing shirt, you’ll find it all from Breathe Like a Fish.

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