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Stop Holding Your Breath; Breathe Like a Fish Grows Gillz

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LAKELAND, FLORIDA October 1, 2015 --In a time of sound bites and Twitter limits, Gillz decided that less is definitely more when the sports apparel company recently changed its corporate name to match its brand name. “Breathe Like A Fish” is now called “Gillz.”

“We simply listened to our customers,” Gillz President Jim Phelan explained. “Gillz is easier to say, remember, type, search, and Tweet. The simpler the better.”

The new structure will better represent the fishing apparel’s trademark designs of cross breeze ventilation in the shirt side panels as well as the air pockets in the GillzMaskTM. The company rebranding also eliminates any confusion between its corporate and brand identities.

The brand name change will transition gradually during the next three months. Customers can Google the sportswear company by typing the five letters for Gillz or continue to search under the former 16-letter Breathe Like A Fish brand. Both will work until January 1, 2016 when the company will be only known as Gillz.

Outdoors enthusiast and Gillz Founder Kent Hickman created the company in February 2009 after scribbling some ideas on the back of a napkin following a fishing tournament. Hickman ultimately invented a wicking microfiber Tournament Shirt with mesh panels on the sides, a GillzMaskTM vented with breathable gills that would provide sun and insect protection and a Pro Striker Shirt that combines the long sleeved shirt with the GillzMaskTM.

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