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5 Techniques to Catch More Fish in 2016

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Did you have a good year of fishing in 2015? Was it a year of trophies and full live-wells or 12 months of frustration and boredom?

Whether you had a banner year or a year to forget, you can increase your fishing success in 2016 by adding a few new techniques. Try these simple and practical fishing strategies and 2016 may be your best year on the water.

  1. Fish When the Barometer is Falling

Looking for the perfect time to fish? This is it. Pay attention to the barometric pressure and fish when it is falling. You will likely catch more fish per hour than you would under other conditions. Many experienced anglers swear by this technique, including saltwater and freshwater fishermen. Even slight dips throughout the day are believed to trigger the bite, so pay attention and schedule your angling accordingly. While there is a debate about whether the pressure changes affect fish directly, or if the increased bite is caused by coinciding factors, there is no argument about the effectiveness of fishing during a falling barometer.

  1. Add Scented Bait to Your Arsenal

Have you ever tried scented baits? 2016 is the year to start. Fish have varying levels of smell, but species like bass and salmon are known to have highly acute “noses” that rival the best bloodhounds in the country. Scented baits add another layer of attraction to lures, and you can purchase scented sprays to give your current tackle a pungent attraction.

  1. Chum with Crappie Nibs

Chumming the water with crappie nibs and other small artificial baits, you can begin to attract fish from all over. The same theory that offshore anglers use to attract sharks or tuna can be used to bring in smaller fish. These artificial baits slowly dissolve into the water, creating a smell that pulls in fish from all around.

  1. Fish When it's Raining 

More fish activity and fewer boats on the water. What more could an angler ask for? A light rain with little or no breeze will trigger feeding instincts in numerous species, including trout and walleye. This is because reduced light brings out these nocturnal feeders. For bass, jerk baits and topwater baits are favorites among experienced anglers who fish in rainy conditions, but these may not be effective if the rain is heavy, which creates a pounding on the water that masks topwater lures from a fish’s sight and hearing.

  1. Wash Your Hands Often

In 2016, get into the habit of washing your hands. This is not only a good habit before eating, it’s also an effective technique for attracting fish. As we talked about before, fish have a very sensitive sense of smell, so take the time to rinse off oil, gas, food, or any other foreign materials from your hands before you handle baits and lures.

Performance Apparel for the Entire Year

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