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Why Anglers Should Wear Performance Fishing Gear

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Performance fishing gear is important for anglers of all skill levels. If you want to get the most from every trip and every cast, you need apparel that keeps you comfortable.

That means protection from the elements while keeping you cool. It means covering you up while not ruining your casting motion.

It means wearing performance fishing gear from Gillz.

Keeping Moisture Out

When you’re out fishing, water can come at you from every direction. You could have a flailing bass splash your shirt, rain can come down on your shoulders, and sprays from the boat can slowly soak your fishing gear. Keeping moisture away from your body is essential for a long day on the water, and performance apparel is designed specifically for this purpose.

Breathable Mesh to Keep You Cool

You’re going to fish through some wet days, but you’re also going to fish through some oppressively hot days too. Performance fishing apparel from Gillz has mesh under the arms and along the side of the body, allowing your midsection to take in the cooling breeze. This breathable mesh is used in many of our fishing shirts, including the Extreme Gillz Series and the Tournament Series.

Keeping Away the Odors

With antimicrobial fabrics, our performance fishing gear is able to keep down the odors while you fish. Just ask any experienced angler and they’ll tell you just how smelly fishing can get. From cutting bait for the hook to handling fish, there are lots of things that can make your fishing shirt smelly. Antimicrobial fabrics, however, eliminate bacteria, reducing the smells radiating from your performance fishing gear.

Won’t Pick Up Every Little Stain

The only thing worse than a smelly fishing shirt is ruining a good piece of apparel with a stain. At Gillz, we know that there are hundreds of potential stains waiting to happen, from the morning coffee to cleaning your catch. That’s why we create our performance fishing gear to be stain resistant, ensuring it looks great through all of your adventures.

Blocking the Sun’s Rays

Sun protection is essential for the angler. Whether you’re on blue waters off the Florida Keys or fishing the northern lakes of Minnesota, the bright sun can cause serious pain and even lead to a more dangerous health situation. Much of the Gillz performance fishing gear, however, uses UPF50+ fabrics, which block 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Flexibility Brings Better Casting

For the average angler, casting motion isn’t much of a concern. But for the elite angler, casting motion needs to be flawless. An accurate cast can be the difference between a full live well and a day of ineffective fishing. Flexibility and unrestricted motion is essential, and our performance fishing shirts are made to give you the smooth, free motion you need. You’ll get the most from every cast when you wear performance apparel from Gillz.

Get the Performance Fishing Gear You Need

If you are ready for high-quality fishing apparel, check out the complete selection from Gillz. You’ll find performance fishing gear for men and women, so browse our online store today.

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