90-Pound Fish Reeled in Off Cape May

close up man holding fishing rod

The world of fishing is always full of surprises, and you never know what your next catch might be. Recently, a 90-pound fish was reeled in off of Cape May. What started out as a typical Friday fishing trip in New Jersey for one man turned into a day he would surely never forget. Len Andalis, a fisherman from Philadelphia, was the one to reel in the massive beauty after a grueling hour and a half struggle with the giant.


Record-Breaking New Jersey Fish

Grabbing his fishing hat and his gear that morning, Andalis had no idea what was in store for him. Originally, Andalis went out in search of flounder that day like he has many times before, but he soon reeled in something entirely different than expected. The 90-pound cobia caught near Cape May was a nice surprise as these fish are typically found farther south. Andalis noted that he had seen some copia in the area in the past few years, but it was the first one he ever caught.


The exact weight of the surprise fish was 90.6 pounds, about 3 pounds heavier than the long-standing New Jersey record. The last time this record was broken was 20 years earlier. Anadalis proudly showed off his record-breaking copia in town that evening to celebrate his big and unexpected catch. Who knows how long his name will stay in the history books.


Could You Reel in The Next Record-Breaking Fish?

This 90-pound fish reeled in off of Cape May is just another example of what big surprises the world of fishing has in store for us. Whether you are in Cape May looking for flounder like Andalis or off the coast of the Florida Keys searching for grouper, you never know what you might reel in next. The most important thing is to be well-equipped.


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