April 2019 Fishing Report for St. Petes – End of The Month Summary

Our monthly summary and fishing report for April 2019 is filled with some highs, lows and lots of fishing as usual. We spent our time out in The Gulf and Tampa Bay from the shores of Saint Petersburg, Florida and what a month is was.

We were almost fortunate enough to haul in a record-breaking Kitty Mitchell! But more on that in a bit.

The Challenge and The Feed

April has been a challenging month for fishers and anglers. The biggest challenge we faced while out fishing was inclimate weather and water temperature transitions.

But there’s good news! The fish are on the feed.

From 360ft. to 480ft., we caught a variety of fish including large Beeliners, extremely large Red Snapper, Scamp, and Gag Grouper. They are out there, and they are biting.

Back to School

At the edge of the loop current, from 700ft. to 900ft. around 2644000 and an 8426000, we spotted a few schools in the area. We found a school of birds, little Tuni and Blackfin Tuna. We also had two knock downs from Whaooo in the area, but both spit the hook-on live bait.

Catch of a Lifetime

After school, that is once we were done fishing the schools of fish on the top, we started fishing in 650ft.

On the first drop, Dan Swanson caught the biggest Kitty Mitchell of his life! Weighing in at a healthy 46lbs. Just 5 lbs off the world record. This mythic lunker had to be hauled onto the boat. It was so big we were considering sending it a bill for joining the fishing charter and give it afishing hat. Take a look at this Kitty Mitchell.

Likely one of the more exciting catching of this April 2019 fishing report.

Moving Up the Coast

We caught some Snowies, Tilefish, and small Scamp as well. Trolling in that same area, we headed up to the northwest, we ran across a few good shows in 720ft. and caught some particularly nice Yellow Edge and Snowies.

The fish were feeding Squid and Mackerel so don't be afraid to plot outside the loop current, which has moved into the 100-fathom curve (around a 2630 and an 8425). There's plenty of Tuna and Wahoo to be had in this area and the fishing is good!

This current rip runs 100 miles long, North and South. So, you should be successful fishing for Pelagics anywhere up and down the loop.

Don’t Afraid to Be Shallow

Moving back into shallower waters, West of Tampa Bay, in 95ft. – 135ft, the Mango and Yellow Tail bite is of the chain. Fishing any high structure, natural or artificial, will produce many of these tasty critters. Using an array of baits has worked well: from small Greenbacks, live Shrimp, Squid, and Spanish Sardines.

That’s our April 2019 fishing report and end of the month summary for The Gulf. We hope this helps and gets you in the right areas. We’ll send you to the best spots, but we can’t make the fish bite. Get out there and happy fishing!

Tommy Butler, X-treme Fishing & Consulting