August Fishing Report for the Emerald Coast

man fishing in emerald coast

This is a fishing report for the first week of August 2019, in the Northern Panhandle Florida Gulf Coast - more specifically Destin, Florida. Make sure you check back with us weekly and find more at our fishing blog.

August Fishing Report For The Emerald Coast: The Dog Days of August…. We mean summer!

The month of August can be a challenging time for any angler, whether seasoned or novice. The heat that comes with it can make it hard to get any fish to bite, let alone to get the motivation to leave of the comfort of your air-conditioned home! But, if you are ready for the challenge, just make sure you wear a protective UV shirt, grab your fishing baseball cap, and check out our August Fishing Report for the Emerald Coast.


Where Are they Biting in Florida?

Anglers on the Emerald Coast looking to catch redfish, sharks, lady fish, and blue fish, should beat the heat by starting early.

This time of year the sunrise is typically around 6 A.M. in Florida; however, you can get to the beach and see active fish typically around 5:30 A.M. The old phrase “the early bird catches the worm” plays a vital part to your fish success in the month of August. 

With the gulf being an enormous body of water, the temperatures typically rise slower than the shallow flats. Whether its caused by a sea-breeze, waves, or current, water movement is almost always constant on the beach making it the perfect place for bait and predator fish to hang out.  When the water gets hot in the bay, these fish move into deeper water (let’s say 6-8 feet) where they can be out of your casting range if fishing from shore. These fish can still be seen in 6-8 feet of water due to the clarity of the water and can still be easily reached by walking in the water or to a sandbar.


How Do You Catch Any of These Fish in the Emerald Coast?

There are many, many ways to fish and catch from the beach; however, we believe simplicity is key - do more with less. The beaches of the Emerald Coast stretch for miles and miles and you will have a better chance of catching fish by covering more water than staying in one spot waiting for a bite. If you don’t have a boat or kayak, the backpack and two rods is the preferred method this time of year. The must haves are fluro-carbon line from 15lb test to 30/40 will suffice. The 30/40lb are more or less for the blue fish and their sharp teeth. On rod one you should have a two-ounce jig head with any type of soft plastic minnow, and on the 2nd rod, you can have any type of twitch bait, top water or something that will cover the top half of the water column. This double threat option will help you cover miles of water. This way you can beat the heat, catch some fish, and be back poolside with a fancy umbrella drink all before 10A.M.


We hope you enjoyed the Emerald Coast August fishing report! If you’re in the northern panhandle part of Florida and you’re looking to catch a redfish or get out in the gulf, check out one of our very own guides, Capt. Lionel James of