Best Summer Fishing Hats

You can’t go out on the boat, go hiking outdoors, or even just go watch your kid’s game without a hat to protect you from the sun. With summer in full swing, your fishing hats should be in full rotation. At Gillz Gear, we are constantly outdoors, so we have chosen our best summer fishing hats that you need before the season is up.


List of Best Men’s Summer Fishing Hats

As a fishing and outdoor apparel store, we know that not all hats are created equal. Fortunately, we are picking out our favorite fishing hats this summer so that you can get them before it is too late.


1.      Two-Tone Mesh Back Neon Center Hat

The best summer fishing hats should protect you from the sun while also being lightweight to keep you from sweating. The mesh back on this fishing hat does just that. Keep your head cool while also looking good with the simple design.


2.      Folding Performance Fishing Hat

Summer is a busy time for most people. From work to vacations to lugging the kids around since they are off of school, summer is not always the relaxing idealized time that people make it out to be. Because you are running straight from one place to the next, you want to carry around as few things as possible. Luckily this hat is an easy compact option that can fit pretty much anywhere, making it a perfect summer fishing hat to carry with you.  


3.      Grey Waterman Snapback Hat

Darker colors absorb the heat more than light colors, so if you are really looking to stay cool this summer, this hat is a good option. Not only is the full mesh back great for ventilation when you are out in the sun all day long, but the light gray brim will also help keep the sun’s intense rays at bay. The underside of the brim also features a camo design for some style without attracting anymore heat from the sun.


4.      Mesh Design Performance Cap

If full mesh back hats are not your favorite, there are other options to help keep you cool. One of the best summer fishing hats we can recommend is this performance hat. The adjustable strapback closure makes the hat perfect for anyone, but what sets this hat apart is the mesh design. Rather than a fully open back that some people hate, there are mesh holes on both sides that are in the design of a Mahi fish. This setup will help keep you cool and is also more appealing in style than full mesh for some people. 


 The key to picking the best summer fishing hats is to consider the heat. You want a style that you like, but you also want something that is going to be best for the harsh weather. If none of these hats are really up your alley, one of our countless other men’s fishing hats may be more to your liking.