Check Out These New Products From Gillz® to Up Your Fishing Game

If you are looking for a way to improve your fishing experience and game, look no further than Gillz®. They create professional-grade fishing apparel in a variety of styles and colors to help you stay out on the water longer and look stylish while you fish. Here is a look at some of their new options and styles.

The Extreme Scales Series

Part of the Extreme Gillz® Series of performance fishing shirts, the new Extreme Scales designs include the “Extreme Scales All Over Print,” “Extreme Mahi All Over Print,” and “Extreme Sting Ray All Over Print.” They are made with incredibly durable Solar Tech fabric that is lightweight and breathable. The soft and stretchable interlock microfiber fabric is double brushed for comfort. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool on hot days and, with UPF 50+, will protect you from the sun. They are perfect for boating around all day, casting lines into the water, and having a good time.

New Colors for the Pro Striker Collection

The Pro Striker Collection of fishing shirts combines the best of Gillz® gear long sleeve shirts with their GillzMask™ and GillzTec fabric to keep you comfortable and protected from the sun all day long. The new colors, High Rise Grey and Snorkel Blue, join the classic Air Blue and the Stormy Seas designs. All offer UPF 50+, providing protection from the sun. The GillzMask™ protects your face from the sun while keeping you cool, venting down your back and keeping your sunglasses from fogging. The shirts feature a cross-ventilation system and are moisture-wicking, keeping you cool while drying quickly.

New Shirts in the Americana Series

Two new shirts join the Americana Series; the “American Fishhead” in Stone Blue, and the “All American Flag” in white. Both are Long Sleeve UV shirts, offering UPF 50+ protection from the sun. The shirts are lightweight and breathable, wicking moisture away to keep the sweat off you while keeping you cool. That means fishing longer, giving you more time to land a big catch.

Three New Hats

Two new Extreme Scales and one new Waterman Scale hats have been added to the Gillz® accessories lineup. They will help keep the sun off of your face in style. The two Extreme Scales hats come in light blue and bright green, mimicking the color of scales. The Waterman Scale hat comes in black with the Gillz® logo in a silvery blue. Combine these with a Pro Striker shirt or a Long Sleeve UV shirt, and you’ll stay cool and protected from the sun whether you are on a boat or casting lines from the banks of a river.

Keep yourself protected, comfortable, and cool with the new additions to the Gillz® collection at