Extra Gillz® Gear to Have on Hand for Fishing Buddies

First off, if you haven’t experienced everything that Gillz® performance fishing gear can do for your fishing game, you should definitely rectify that. Once you find out for yourself just how cool, comfortable, and protected Gillz® gear keeps you when you’re on the water, you’ll want to keep extras around to convince your friends. Let them borrow your extra Gillz® gear when you’re all out on the water so that they can experience the difference themselves—and you can all stay out longer enjoying the day.

Performance Fishing Shirts

Gillz® fishing shirts feature bold, stylish, eye-catching designs. More practically important, they can improve any fishing experience. They do so by providing UPF 50+ protection, blocking 98% of UVA/UVB rays. That means you’ll stay cool and protected while you wear it. It’s light and breathable, too, making it perfect for hot weather fishing. Gillz® fishing shirts are also stain-resistant, antimicrobial to reduce odor, and incredibly comfortable. Lend one to a fishing buddy, and once they wear it, like you, they won’t want to go back.

A GillzMask™ Fishing Mask

The GillzMask™ fishing mask is an iconic piece of professional-grade Gillz® fishing gear. There is no forgetting it. Like Gillz® performance fishing shirts, they’re fabricated from state-of-the-art high-performance polyester. In this case, it’s their GillzTec fabric, specially formulated for close comfort and moisture wicking. The masks feature the famous GillzVents™ side-vents that look like a pair of gills, which channel air through to the neck and down the back, like a passive air-conditioning system. Their mouth-panel vent also reduces odor and ensures that sunglasses don’t fog up. Once your friend borrows one, they won’t want to take it off, so tell them to buy their own! 

A Gillz® Hat or Visor

A Gillz® hat or visor continues in their tradition of looking stylish and providing the protection that anglers need. Give any visiting fishing buddy a Gillz® hat or visor and they will look the part of the experienced angler. It’s always important to wear a hat while under the sun to provide shade and keep the direct rays of the sun off the top of your head. Giving your friend a Gillz® hat to go along with all the other performance gear they’re borrowing completes the outfit and locks in their style. For those interested in shade alone, opt for a Gillz® visor and bring a smile to the face of any visiting fishing friend.

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