Fish Like the Pros with These Summer Clothing Essentials

Ready to Fish Like a Pro? Use These Summer Clothing Essentials

Fishing like the pros this summer means using performance fishing gear to get the most out of your fishing trip. Whether it’s a day on the boat or fishing by the river banks, these pieces of clothing will up your game for the summer.

Performance Fishing Shirts to Keep You Cool

Keeping cool while out fishing on a hot summer day helps you stay out longer. The pros, however, know the secret of staying out all day: fabric that keeps you cool and protected from the sun. Fishing clothes the pros wear are often moisture-wicking, which will wick away sweat or water splashing from the boat or river, cooling you down while quickly drying. Another secret of the pros is using fabric with a UPF 50+ rating, which will keep you protected from the sun’s rays. While you should still use sunscreen, UPF 50+ fabric will help protect you against sunburns. This lets you stay out on the water longer, giving you a better chance of catching the big one.

Pants for Utility and Sun Protection

Whether you go with shorts or pants, choose UPF 50+ fabric to protect yourself from the sun, and make sure there are enough pockets to provide utility. They should also be water- and stain-repellent to resist those extra-fishy days. For shorts, try Gillz® shorts, with a unique side zipper that helps with ventilation, keeping you cool. They offer four pockets and stretchable fabric, which is both waterproof and breathable.

Polarized Sunglasses to See Under the Surface

If you are still using regular sunglasses, you aren’t giving yourself every advantage the pros have. Instead, you should be using polarized sunglasses. Not only do polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, especially when there is little shade on a boat, but they can also block the reflection from water’s surface. This lets you see fish under the water, and you can better cast a line to where the fish are swimming.

A Fishing Mask to Protect Your Face

For the ultimate in comfort fishing apparel, invest in a fishing mask. The pros use them to shield their face from the sun. Again, find a fishing mask that uses moisture-wicking and UPF 50+ fabric like the performance fishing shirt. Choose a mask with a vent near your mouth so that your polarized sunglasses don’t fog up. The best fishing masks feature a venting system that directs air toward your body, keeping you cool. This is perfect for long days on a boat, where you are moving and often facing down the wind of a fast boat. 

About Gillz®

Growing up in his home state of Florida, Kent Hickman would take any chance he could get to hit the water and cast out fishing lines. He stuck with fishing, eventually going on to fish professionally, joining the tournament circuit. It was while fishing professionally that he ran into trouble finding good fishing gear that would stand up to the demands of professional anglers. He found he needed apparel that would keep him comfortable and cool in the harsh Florida sun while protecting him from the elements. He took matters into his own hands in 2009 and founded Gillz® so he could provide his fellow anglers with stylish shirts for fishing, fishing masks, performance fishing gear, accessories, and other high-quality fishing apparel. It’s your turn to cast your line and join the growing fishing community that wears Gillz® apparel.  

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