Fishing Gear: The Best Clothing Head to Toe for a Day on Big Water

For those who don’t fish, there’s no way of explaining what a day offshore, in the boat, trolling, means to an angler. It’s pretty much as close to paradise as it gets. That’s why a day of fishing should never be ruined by clothing that’s not effective at keeping the weather at bay and the angler comfortable. Being made miserable when you’re too hot, too cold, or too wet is never a whole lot of fun, but when it’s responsible for ruining a day of fishing, that’s a tragedy. Not to mention the health implications of adverse exposure to the elements. So consider the following clothing strategies to remain safer, more comfortable, and remain on the water for a fruitful day of fishing.

Covering Your Head

The sun on the open water, as so many offshore and inshore anglers are aware, can be brutal. In addition to a lack of cover being common, the water reflects sunlight back up, intensifying its effects. For your own cover, choose a hat. A light, wide-brimmed performance hat is best for sun, in addition to the use of 98-99% UV-protection sunglasses (you don’t want a sunburn on your eyes). A fishing mask is another ideal addition to the hat and sunglasses to combat the brutal sun.

Covering Your Top Half

Long sleeve, lightweight, moisture-wicking fishing shirts are your best friend. The best performance shirts out there will protect you from the sun and have venting to keep you cool in the heat of it. In colder weather, your parents’ advice that you layer, layer, layer remains as good as ever. Err on the side of more layers as you can always take them off. Whatever the conditions, however, have head-to-toe rain gear handy. In the heat, that fishing shirt alone should be sufficient to keep you cool and protected on the water.

Additionally handy to have around is a good pair of cut-resistant gloves. Whether you’re cutting line, bait, or your catch, there are a lot of ways in which cut-resistant gloves can save you from discomfort and injury.

Covering Your Bottom Half

Opt for leggings or a light pair of pants. When it’s chillier outside, once again, layering is the key for warmth. For a particularly frigid day on the water, beginning with a pair of long underwear is always a good place to start. Lightweight, quick-drying fishing pants complete with multiple pockets are the way to go. Or, for the women on board, fashionable, cool, dry performance fishing leggings are another great option.

Finally, consider a pair of fishing shoes, close-toed, with a gripping tread. Sandals are comfortable but leave skin exposed. There are any number of threats to exposed skin on a boat being used for fishing and a sunburn on top of your feet is absolutely no fun.

About Gillz™

Kent Hickman began fishing pretty much as soon as he was able to do so. As a child he would regularly walk miles in a day to take advantage of the world-class fishing offered by his native Florida. That early love for the water never faded and Kent continued angling into adulthood, even competing professionally in tournaments. But in addition to fish, intense sunshine and weather is something Florida features no shortage of. However, Kent could find no effective, lightweight, cool, comfortable clothing available for protection from the elements and the insect life. So in 2009, Kent founded Gillz™ to produce his famous fishing shirts, fishing mask line, and a lot more clothing to wear in competition. And it turned out that there were a whole lot of anglers out there looking for the same thing. Today, Gillz™ gear can now be found on virtually every major body of water in the world.

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