Fishing Tools and Accessories to Take Your Angling Game to the Next Level

Even the most accomplished anglers can find themselves in a rut, or a progress plateau. Perhaps you’ve found your preferred fishing style, fishing gear, and fishing hole. Maybe you’re even doing relatively well, catch-wise, but as they say in business—if you’re not growing, you’re slowing. Sometimes all it takes to get out of a rut is to invest in some new gear. Pick up some new equipment, whether articulated lures or high-performance fishing shirts, and it might force you out of that rut and into new angling territories.

Polarized Sunglasses
If you have yet to invest in a reliable pair of polarized shades, you’re missing out. Polarized sunglasses are a fishing-forward accessory in several ways. For one, when you’re on the water, there’s often not a lot of shade, meaning it can be harder to get out of the sun. Combined with the glare reflecting off the water, that can be a bit much. Polarized lenses filter out more of the sun’s rays that non-polarized lenses and they give anglers better in-water vision. Both are a big help on the drink.

A Performance Fishing Mask
Fishing masks protect your face from the sun, as well as shield you from swarms of insects, and provide a barrier between your skin and the wind and spray. The very best fishing masks should keep you comfortable and cool, even while you’re covered. Performance fishing apparel provider Gillz® creates a face mask with all of these qualities. The GillzMask™ is famous for its GillzVents™, gill-like slit pockets at the neck that vent air over your neck and back to enhance your cool. They also have a mesh mouth-region, which is a huge win for reducing moisture accumulation, reducing odor, and keeping your new polarized shades fog-free. 

A Hook File
A hook file is a little thing that can make a huge difference. The performance difference between sharpened and unsharpened hooks can be considerable. Before you head out for a day on the water, sharpen the trebles on your favorite lures and your bait hooks. Rare is the angler who fishes with sharpened hooks and goes back to unsharpened ones. 

Articulated Lures

If you have yet to fish with articulated minnow lures, that’s an oversight you should remedy. Articulated lures beautifully replicate the action of swimming baitfish, which can trigger aggressive strikes from virtually any game fish you can hunt. The natural action of natural prey is the killer combination for great luck on the water.

Performance Fishing Gear

Don’t let your fishing apparel be a gear oversight. Once you experience the difference that performance fishing gear makes, you won’t go back to hitting the water in jeans and a T-shirt. The most high-quality performance fishing apparel should be fabricated from high-performance polyester. High-performance polyester is both stain-resistant and antimicrobial, which reduces smell. Clearly, those are benefits when fishing. The apparel should also wick moisture away from the skin, dry extremely quickly, and provide UPF protection to truly offer the performance you need. 

About Gillz®

If an opportunity to fish presents itself, Kent Hickman is gonna take it. That’s the way Kent has been since his childhood years in his home state of Florida. Kent eventually went on to fish professionally on the tournament circuit. However, finding fishing clothes for those tournaments, clothes that kept him comfortable, protected from the elements, and cool in the Florida sun was a persistent challenge. In 2009 Kent founded Gillz® to provide fellow anglers with stylish, high-performance shirts for fishing, a fishing mask collection, and other fishing apparel. Join the growing fishing community that loves to wear Gillz®.

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