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Fishing Trip Checklist for Casual Fishing Trips

Posted by Brittini Swenson on

Thinking of taking a fishing trip in the next few weeks and need a checklist? Are you new to the fishing game? Are you look for tips to pack for a fishing trip? Well this is the fishing trip checklist for you!

Gillz Gear is more than an online fishing apparel store, we are a member of the fishing community. That’s why create fishing guides like this. Follow our fishing blog for more guides, details and great info like this!

First A handy Tip to Create the Perfect Fishing Trip Checklist

If you make a packing list before you go on a trip, review and edit the list when you return from your trip then save it. Over time, you'll be able to pack more efficiently.

Fishing Gear

Fishing Rod

What rod are you brining? Consider the catch. Do you want fiberglass or graphite? Then consider the action, fast or slow, and then finally your strength. Ultra-light versus ultra-heavy. There are so many factors to consider what kind of fishing rod to bring on your fishing trip.

What kind of fish are you going to catch?

Consider Your spinner rod, conventional rod and your specialty rods. Add the right one to your fishing trip checklist.

Fishing Apparel

What you wear on a fishing trip is as important as the rod you take. You need something that looks good and is as functional as it can be. A UV fishing shirt, a tournament fishing shirt with cool core technology.

Something that is stylish and well made. Form and function rolled into one. Your main focus is comfort and protection. A fishing shirt has to be durable so as much as they may look cool, stay away from fishing t-shirts and stick to the strong stuff!

Fishing Reel & Fishing Line

If you’ve planned your fishing trip well enough you are likely going for one or two types of fish. Match your fish to the reel you need and check out this reel to fish guide for more information.

The same goes for line and that all depends on the reel you get for the fish you’re catching.

Other Fishing Trip Essentials

The rest of the items on this fishing trip checklist can be ticked off one by one:

  • Fishing License, including applicable stamps and if going on private property written permission
  • Live Bait (if using minnows consider an air aerator, keep all live bait out of direct sunlight)
  • Map of body of water and/or area you’re fishing in
  • Sun Protection; scentless sunscreen and sunglasses
  • First aid kit
  • Bug spray
  • Portable GPS or fish finder
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Camera - you can find waterproof bags for you cellphone
  • 2 to 3 clean towels
  • Water bottles
  • Rope tape measurer (to measure the length of your future monster catch)
  • Lures & Live Bait
  • Ice Cooler

Boat Bag

A separate bag for items you wants to take on the boat, this is especially useful for fishing trips that will involve camping or long stays on the boat. You want to have a boat bag ready, filled with essential that you can grab a moment’s notice.

Be sure the boat bg you take on your fishing trip is meant for boating, fishing and all other types of watery adventures. Good quality boat bags range between $120 and $450 and they will be water proof, durable and well made.

The Boat Essentials

We assume that you are fully secure on your vessel. You should have all the correct emergency equipment, life jackets, flares, fuels and the rest of the supplies you need to be compliant and ready to roll out on the seas. Don’t forget your Gillz decal for your fishing boat.

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