Florida Fishing Essentials for the Pro Southeast Angler

When it comes to fishing in Florida and the Southeast region of the state, proper fishing gear and accessories are entirely essential to any pro angler’s comfort and safety. The right apparel and accessories can mean the difference between a fun, productive day on the water and a miserable one. In fact, while Florida’s bountiful sun and water make for world-class, world-renowned fishing, they can also pose a legitimate health threat without the appropriate gear, including the following accessories.

Fishing Apparel: Pants

High-quality, high-performance fishing apparel serves a very specific purpose: keeping the angler comfortable and providing protection from the elements. For many of Florida’s anglers, shorts and a T-shirt serve as the fishing outfit of choice. However, bare arms and legs are actually both less cooling and less safe than having the right covering. The key is finding lightweight, high-performance polyester fishing clothes. Seek out a high-performance pair of fishing pants that wick away moisture, dry quickly, and offer UV protection, all while keeping you cool.

Fishing Apparel: Shirts

The same guidelines apply for high-performance fishing shirts. You’ll want to find long-sleeve fishing shirts designed with microfiber polyester. Microfiber polyester is perfect for warm and hot weather fishing. The best microfiber polyester fishing shirts will be moisture-wicking, antimicrobial to reduce odor, stain-resistant, and light and breathable enough to keep you cool and comfortable while also providing UPF protection. Seek out a high-performance brand that focuses on the comfort of the angler, so much so that their high-quality fishing shirts don’t even have tags, so you avoid annoying neck-scratching or itching and can instead focus on your line in the water.

Fishing Accessories: Fishing Masks

Fishing masks have become a necessary addition to any serious angler’s kit. Basically, the good ones are comparable to fishing shirts and pants in that they provide lightweight protection from the elements. A terrific example of a high-performance fishing mask is the GillzMask by Gillz™. The fishing apparel company was founded by a professional tournament fisherman who’d noticed a lack of that sort of high-performance protection and filled the gap. The brand’s GillzMask features “GillzVents,” pocketed side panels at the neck that look like gills and serve to funnel air down the back of the neck for additional cooling. It also offers unbeatable protection from the sting of spray and the attack of insects, as well as the sun, wind, rain, and anything else Florida can throw at an angler.

Fishing Accessories: Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses are definitely examples that fall squarely in the “accessories” category but that are both fishing comfort and health essentials. For instance, a quality performance fishing hat is great for shading wearers from sun, and the right one looks great. As is the case with polarized sunglasses. In addition to looking great and providing much-needed shade, polarized sunglasses can also cut down on the reflective glare on the water, giving you a better picture of what’s happening under the surface.

About Gillz™

Whenever he has the opportunity to go fishing, Kent Hickman seizes it. Even as a child Kent lived to fish the Sunshine State, routinely walking miles in a day to drop a line in Florida’s world-renowned fisheries. His childhood love of fishing and the water never faded. As an adult he went on to fish tournaments professionally. As its nickname denotes, in addition to fish, Florida has an abundance of sunshine. However, Kent couldn’t find fishing clothing that remained cool, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, while providing protection from insects and the elements. So in 2009, Kent founded Gillz™ in order to give anglers access to high-performance, high-quality fishing clothes. In addition to fishing shirts, that apparel includes the brand’s popular GillzMask fishing mask, along with a terrific selection of other gear and accessories such as fishing hats and polarized sunglasses.

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