How to Get Your Recreational Fishing License in Florida

Fishing License

This information pertains to the recreational fishing license in Florida and not any commercial licenses. This is the basic information you can use to get started and apply for your Florida fishing license. Be sure to follow the links in this post to the appropriate destinations to find out more information. 

The Different Kinds of Florida Fishing Licenses

The 2 basic fishing licenses in Florida are the Saltwater Fishing License and a Freshwater Fishing License. Both are not necessary, but if you want to be serious about your fishing in South Florida, you should consider getting both eventually.

Each Florida fishing license has a number of fees and restrictions associated with the license. We suggest you look at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission site for info here:

Fees are split into two parts, those for Florida residents and those for nonresidents.

What You Need

More than just your fishing sunglasses. To get your Florida fishing license, you have to prove who you are.

  • Driver’s License (or I.D.)
  • Social Security Number
  • Military I.D. (For any discounts)

You do not need a Florida Fishing License if you are under 16 years old or over 65 years old and you are a Florida resident.

Where to Go

You can purchase a Florida fishing license from a number of sources including online at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website or at authorized fishing license providers like Go Outdoors Florida. It’s easy to apply for you license online.

What You Are Allowed to Do

Obtaining a fishing license in Florida is a privilege and it’s important to remember that, especially in today’s age. Florida fishing regulations are there to protect the wildlife and conserve our precious natural wonders. We ask that all recreational fishers take the time to learn about each of these regulations:

So, get out there and fish and no matter what, be sure to bring your lucky fishing shirts.