Four Ways in Which Gillz® Gear Can Help You Step Up Your Fishing Game

Gillz® gear helps you step up your fishing game, from your comfort to your style. Their fishing shirts and masks feature a collection of colors and designs that are stylish, classic, and always interesting—as do their accessories, outwear, and everything else they carry. However, Gillz® gear gives wearers benefits that go far beyond simply looking great—it’s also functional, comfortable, and keeps you protected from the elements. 

The GillzMask™ Provides Protection on the Water

Gillz® gear provides protection on the water from the harsh elements. A good example is their GillzMask™ fishing mask line. Their GillzMask™ masks are perfect for protecting your face from UV rays, from spray coming off the water, the attack of insects, and from anything else a day on the water may throw at you. Additionally, the GillzMask™ features classic GillzVents™ side-vents that channel air over your neck and down your back to keep you cool. The mouth-panel is mesh, which is great for reducing odor and won’t fog up your sunglasses.

Gillz® Gear Keeps You Fishing Longer in the Heat

Wearing Gillz® gear can also mean fishing for longer in the heat, due to the features that keep you cool and comfortable when the sun’s out. Their performance products, such as the GillzMask™ and long sleeve fishing shirt, are made with moisture-wicking GillzTec fabric. The technical fabric is designed to be lightweight and breathable enough to facilitate air flow-through. Gillz® comfortable performance fishing gear also blocks UV rays from the sun, with UPF 50+, contributing to keeping you cool on the water.

Gillz® Gear Keeps You Fishing Longer in the Rain

Gillz® gear isn’t limited to helping you tolerate the heat: it can help in the rain as well. Their stylish hats are perfect for keeping the rain off of your head, while their bills keep it off of your face. Plus, if you’re going to be caught in the rain, natural fabrics like cotton and denim can function a bit like a sponge and soak that precipitation up. Their technical fabric wicks moisture from your body, and it dries quickly. That’s protection from moisture regardless of its source. 

Gillz® Gear Helps You See the Water Better

Another measure of sun protection is provided by the Gillz® line of polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses are even better than traditional shades at filtering out the sun’s rays. They also provide enhanced in-water vision. That can prove a significant help when you’re fishing and makes any outing on a body of water more enjoyable.

Enjoy fishing while you’re protected, cool, and comfortable with Gillz® performance fishing gear, at