Gillz® and Two Conchs Sportfishing TV Conquer the Keys

Professional anglers know that when you need best-in-class high-performance fishing apparel that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable on the water, you choose Gillz® gear. That’s why the pros from Florida’s legendary Two Conchs sportfishing charter team have chosen Gillz® as a partner. That partnership is displayed to full effect in the new adrenaline-driven Two Conchs Online TV series. Set in the beautiful Florida Keys, the series is an angler’s dream-come-true, combining practical know-how with heart-pumping, line-stripping trophy fishing. A fishing show this hot needs some Gillz® gear to stay cool.

Watch the Two Conchs Sportfishing TV Team Online

The first episode of the Two Conchs Online TV sportfishing series focuses on the Gillz® gear-clad anglers hunting Mahi-Mahi in the Florida Keys. In addition to breathtaking scenery and incredible fights, the episode offers invaluable, practical know-how. Tips include how to rig up ballyhoo for limiting out on mahi-mahi, how to find dolphins (of the mahi-mahi variety), and a whole lot more. The episode’s other highlights include an epic mako shark battle and the rescue of a tangled sea turtle. It’s must-see fishing TV!

The Gillz® Gear Featured in the Episode

In addition to a variety of Gillz® hats and visors, the Two Conchs Online TV pilot episode also featured Gillz® high-performance fishing shirts. The shirts featured are both parts of the Gillz® Long Sleeve UV Tournament Series. They feature lightweight but durable GillzTec fabric and a cross-breeze ventilation system to ensure that you stay cool, with UPF 50+ UV protection. With their trademark reflective logos, they’re simply the coolest performance fishing shirts on the planet.

Why Gillz® Kills in the Keys

Choosing Gillz® performance fishing shirts for angling adventures in the Florida Keys makes perfect sense. While it’s arguably the best place to fish on the planet, Florida does present anglers with some natural challenges. Among the most important is the heat. The Sunshine State has certainly earned its nickname. The superior UV protection provided by Gillz® gear is essential for protection on the water. The water itself can produce both humidity and draws all kinds of life, including insect life. Gillz® performance fishing gear is fabricated to keep its wearers protected from everything mother nature can throw at them, be it sun, the sting of spray, or swarms of biting insects. Fishing in Florida or anywhere else is an adventure. Dress appropriately.

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