Gillz® Gear: If It can Handle Fishing in Florida It Can Handle Anything

There is nowhere on Earth like Florida to go fishing. It draws people from all over the country and the world to enjoy its unsurpassed freshwater and saltwater fisheries. Fishing in Florida, however, requires some preparation. The Sunshine State lives up to its nickname but is also home to a bit of inclement weather as well. Like anywhere else with beautiful weather and ample water, there can be insects to contend with as well. That’s why anyone living the dream by fishing in Florida should prepare with performance fishing gear from Gillz®.

Florida Is a Fishing Paradise

Florida is known as the “Fishing Capital of the World.” It attracts many people to exceptional freshwater and saltwater angling. The climate is famously beautiful, and the fishing is famously unbeatable. Florida is a fishing paradise, and any natural challenges it poses to anglers are insignificant compared to the adventures on offer. With Gillz® fishing apparel and a little planning, there’s simply no place like Florida to fish. 

How Gillz® Helps with the Florida Sun

It gets sunny in Florida. Beautiful weather and beautiful water are obviously two of the state’s biggest draws, but without protection, sunshine can turn a great trip sour. In addition to sunscreen to spare, be sure to include Gillz® fishing clothes in your Florida fishing adventure. Gillz® high-performance fishing shirts, for example, are made from GillzTec fabric to provide UPF 50+ UV protection. It’s also breathable and light enough to keep you cool while doing so. Plus, it’s designed to be moisture-wicking to keep you drier, longer.

How Gillz® Helps with the Florida Storms

Along with that bright Florida sun, it’s not unknown for rain and storms to blow through. If you’re caught on the water in the rain, you’re going to get wet. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, performance Gillz® fishing clothes, however, are going to dry out sooner than traditional apparel. That means you’ll be able to get dry and comfortable quickly and get back to fishing.

How Gillz® Helps with the Florida Wildlife

If you’re fishing in Florida, you need to be aware of all the wildlife you might encounter. On the water, this will often mean insects. Insects, like the sun, are best dealt with by choosing apparel that offers more coverage. In addition to the high-performance Gillz® fishing shirt, cover up with a GillzMask™ fishing mask. The GillzMask™ keeps the bugs and the direct rays of the sun off of your face but, unlike many other masks, are designed so they won’t fog up your sunglasses. Stay cool, stay dry, and stay protected in Florida and anywhere else you cast out with Gillz®.

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