GILLZ Winter Fishing


winter fishing tips

Written by Steve Wayne -- Winter can offer some great fishing opportunities. Many sportsmen are spending their free time in the woods hunting instead of on the water fishing, leading to uncrowded waters for anglers willing to brave the cold. Wintertime is not for the unprepared angler. Paying attention to high quality gear that protects the angler from cold, windburn, and the sun’s harmful rays is a mandatory requirement. Gillz Gear offers innovative apparel that will offer comfort and protection during the cold. Try these Gillz Gear products the next time you go winter fishing:

  • Gillz Tournament Series Jacket: A water and wind resistant jacket that will keep anglers warm and dry. The jacket comes with hand warmer pockets and an adjustable hood and waist for a comfortable fit. 
  • Gillz Saltwater Series Fleece Pullover: A comfortable pullover that is made not only for saltwater fishing but for freshwater fishing too. A side zipper makes for easy on-off wearing and ribbed cuffs contribute to a warm and comfortable fit.
  • Gillzmask: A comfortable high-performance facemask that offers a UPF 50+ sun protection and protection from wind burn. Vents in the mouth area of the mask uniquely eliminates sunglass fog commonly found in other masks. The versatile mask can be worn as a headband, neckband or as a full mask for full-face protection. 
  • Gillz Spinner 104 Sunglasses: These wrap around sunglasses offer theGillzlenz that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. These popular sunglasses provide superior glare reduction achieved via backside anti-reflective coating and front-side flash mirror.

Once you are adequately geared up with the proper attire, several precautions are in order to enjoy a safe day on the water. 

  • If you are boating, always wear your personal floatation device. Hypothermia can be a killer for even the most seasoned swimmers. Wearing a lifejacket will allow you to stay alive if you encounter a mishap and fall into the water.
  • Tell someone where you are going fishing. If an unfortunate event happens, a search party will know where to start looking for you. Minutes can save your life.
  • When possible, fish with a buddy. Two are better than one when out in the cold elements.
  • Dress in layers. It’s much better to wear too much clothing and easily peel off a layer instead of not wearing enough. 
  • Fish and boat smart. Don’t push your luck when out in harsh weather. Know your limitations and arrive home alive in order to fish again another day.
  • Always have a fully charged cell phone or a working marine VHF radio. Check first before heading out.
  • Fishing during the winter can be great. Waters are less crowded, and the peace found from being the only boat or angler on the water can be exhilarating. Grab yourself some Gillz Gear, dress in layers and follow a few safety precautions to enjoy a comfortable, safe and rewarding day on the water.