How to Bend a Hat Brim

Whether you are spending a day out on the boat catching marlin or you are doing some yardwork outside, you are going to want a hat to protect your face from the intense sun rays. Because you are running around, you not only want to make sure you break in your hat, but also you want to bend your hat brim just right to get that perfect fit.


Curving the Brim of You Hat

While some of the kids these days may like a flat-brimmed hat, sticker and all, you know better. You need a hat that will help you get the job done. At Gillz Gear, we have explained how to bend a hat brim using various methods to get the perfect curve of your choosing. So, grab your new Contender Performance Mahi hat and get started.


  1. Bend With Your Hands. (For a slight curve) Curving the brim of your hat with your hands is probably the most well-known way to bend the brim, but it can take some time to get it just right and can be inconsistent. This could take you several days to get the hat curve to stay, and you also need to find the right touch. You want to ensure that the curve is not too sharp and that it is centered.


  1. Use A Wide Glass. (For a medium/big curve) Place the hat’s brim in a wide glass or mug and leave it there for a while. This method requires much less work on your end and also ensures that the curve will be uniform. The only dilemma is finding the right size glass and pulling it out at the right time.


  1. Grab Rubber Bands and a Baseball. (For a medium/big curve) If you want to bend a fishing hat brim before your next time on the boat, this is another method to try. Wrap the brim of the hat around the baseball and hold it in place with some rubber bands. If you place the baseball right, you should get a uniform curve that is pretty significant. Just be careful that the rubber bands aren’t digging into the hat and leaving an unwanted mark. If you don’t have a baseball, try a soda can, food can, or something round in a similar size.


  1. Wet The Hat. Especially when you are bending flat brim hats, getting a good curve will take time. When the hat gets wet, it becomes more malleable. Wet the hat in warm water and then try any of the other methods mentioned above depending on the curve you are looking for.



Whether you are looking for a severe curve or you just want a little bend, give these methods a try. Once you know how to bend a hat brim and you get that perfect fit, you will also want to know how to clean your fishing hat without messing it up. At GIllz Gear, we have the tips, tricks, and news you need, so check back with our fishing blog frequently.