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How to Wash Stains Out of Fishing Shirts

Posted by Brittini Swenson on

Fishing stains are serious business. We aren’t dealing with the usual ketchup stains or grass stains here – fishing stains come in only two levels: really stained, and unrecognizable. Even one day out on the boat trawling and bouncing monsters and bucket mouths off the railing will lead to at least a few stains. If you don’t own any stain resistant fishing shirts, you might think you have no options.

Not so fast! Don’t go throwing out your stained fishing shirt just yet. You might be able to bring them back from the depths.

Don’t Throw it in the Laundry

Before you go tossing your favorite fishing shirt in the laundry basket, remember that the stain and those odors will travel. There’s nothing worse than having to run bleach through the washing machine to get rid of the chum smell.

Extreme Cleaning Chemicals for Fishing Stains

These are the hardcore cleaning supplies that will get the stains out, but they are not necessary for every wash. Keep these close by for really tough fishing stains.

The directions are simple: add these cleaning chemicals to the stained areas of your fishing shirt and soak before you throw into the regular laundry.

Steps To Clean Fishing Shirts

  • As soon as you get home, start soaking the shirt and adding in some cleaning chemicals.
  • Get the water as hot as you can without burning yourself.
  • After soaking, decide if the stain needs more work.
  • Try baking soda and let sit for an hour. If this has not worked, try one of the cleaning products mentioned above.
  • After soaking, add all your fishing clothes to a separate batch of laundry.

How to Avoid Stains in the First Place: Consider Stain Resistant Fishing Shirts

Quality matters, especially if you are an avid fisherman. If you get cheap on your rod, your line, or even your boat parts, you’re going to have a terrible time out on the water – the same goes for fishing clothes. Buy high quality fishing shirts, especially stain resistant fishing shirts, and you won’t have to spend time worrying about stains from chum, blood, or virtually anything.

For the most part, fishing shirts worth their salt these days are going to be stain resistant. We recommend fishing shirts that are stain resistant and moisture wicking. Not only are they more comfortable, but you also avoid moisture build up, which causes even more stains.

Look for stores that offer “performance fishing shirts,” because most are already stain resistant and odor resistant.


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