January Fishing Report for North Carolina - Captain Noah

Captain Noah

We asked one of our great friends in North Carolina to give us his recommendations and a full January fishing report for North Carolina. Captain Noah is out there every day roughing the seas and finding the best fish in local partners all the way from central North Carolina and Harker’s Island.

Here is his January fishing report and recommendations if you find yourself out on the waters this early in the year!

       "Capt. Noah Lynk with an Early winter report from the central NC Outerbanks , Harkers Island/Cape Lookout. The fishing has been tough this winter with tons of rain and weeks of hard winds etc... but the fish are around you just have to dress accordingly.

Our wintertime fisher primarily consists of Red Fish and Speckled Trout with both species being able to be caught all through the winter, as with anywhere you gotta know when, where and what to use and it gets tougher in the cold months as they tighten up into School’s along structure as well as the surf zone looking for food.

The temps this time of year can be 70 degrees in the morn and 40 degrees later in the afternoon. We’ve been catching some nice trout and Reds in the back waters from boat, kayak and wade fishing as there is still food around with the warmer than normal water as it cools down next month, they’ll be moving out into the ocean following the food and with any luck I’ll be right behind them decked out in my winter GILLZ-Gear! Happy new year to all and good fishing!"

Thanks again Captain Noah for giving us some great insight into the weather conditions in North Carolina. If you liked this January fishing report, then be sure to visit our blog to see more monthly fishing reports.

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Be sure to check out the latest winter fishing clothes and stay warm this January. It’s going to be a chill one out there on the high seas!