June 2019 Fishing Report for The Gulf

This is a fishing report for June 2019, in the Gulf. Make sure you check back with us weekly and find more at our fishing blog. We asked Tommy Butler fromX-treme fishing & Consulting to write the latest June 2019 fishing report.

Where They Are Biting

As the Gulf stream loop creeps closer and closer to Tampa Bay, a good push of Wahoo, Kingfish and Tuna have invaded our waters. Expect to catch lots of these out in the Gulf.

Trolling any type of diving or high speed lure will attract a bite from one of these fast moving critters. Live and dead bait pitched out over has rewarded us with great catches.

Make your way to wrecks and springs because they are productive right now. Fishing just above the edge of the Gulfstream, around a 26.59.800 and a 84.34.500, bottom fishing was really good-using Squid and Boston Mackerel.

What’s Biting out There

We caught Tile fish, Yellow Edge, Snowy, Warsaw Grouper, We just worked the bottom slowly looking for bait shows in the area on hard bottom. First thing in the morning, the fish were a little picky. We were catching one per pile.

Then, the solunar kicked in around 1pm and they bit like crazy! Using the solunar phase to plan your fishing trips will make you a much more successful fisherman. That’s our side tip for this June 2019 fishing report.

If venturing out into this area, and down to the south around 26.05.300 and a 84.33.250, make sure to have a wax wing or a vertical jig ready to cast as you will see many schools of Tuna and Skip Jack while fishing.

Happy fishing out there!