Make Your Fishing Mask Last

A fishing mask is a great tool every fisherman, and really every outdoorsman, needs to protect themselves from the sun as well as the water and wind. Many professional fishermen will have quite a few lying around, but if you only have one or two, you want to make your fishing mask last. Just like a good fishing hat, when you find your favorite, you want to do everything in your power to keep our old fishing mask around and in good shape.


Taking Care of Your Fishing Mask to Make It Last

As a fishing clothing store, we know that there are a few tricks to making that old fishing mask last a little bit longer so we want to share them with you.

  1. Store your mask properly. While it may be tempting to throw your mask to the side or in the back of your truck, having people stomping on it or unknowingly stretching it out is a killer. Instead, let your mask out to dry after use and keep somewhere out of the elements that will not ruin its shape.
  2. Clean your fishing mask. Not only will doing so keep your mask from smelling like fish, but it will also help make your fishing mask last longer as you get out the salt and any other harmful chemicals that could be lingering.
  3. Let it air dry. If you are going to skip the cleaning this time around, make sure you still let your mask dry before putting it away. Putting on a damp fishing mask is unpleasant already, but the leftover moisture could contain harmful chemicals or cause mold to develop that could damage the fabric.
  4. Keep your mask to yourself. Although masks are stretchy by design, if you let other people constantly wear your mask, especially someone who has a bigger face or neck, you can end up stretching it out too much. This is an easy way to wear out the fabric.
  5. Wear your mask the same way. While most masks are versatile, if you really want to make your fishing mask last, have a designated fishing mask for each way you want to wear it. This will keep the fishing mask you typically wear on your wrist from getting stretched from also wearing it as a cap.


Whether you’ve had the same mask for many years or you just bought the Mahi fishing Gillzmask, if you want your fishing mask to last, you need to make an effort to take care of it. If following the suggested tips above isn’t worth your time, shop our collection of performance fishing masks to get your new one.