May 2019 Fishing Report for The Gulf – Week 1 Summary

 This is a fishing report for the first week of May 2019, in the Gulf. Make sure you check back with us weekly and find more at ourfishing blog.

The Weather Had a Mind of Its Own

Last week was challenging because weather forecasts predicted worse weather than what we eventually experienced. Winds and seas were throwing meteorologists for a loop. This made it difficult to get out to the temp break and current rip. We like to call deep water fishing “fishing with science”, using data from many different resources for optimum results combined with firsthand experience and knowledge. And hey, that’s the benefit of reading these fishing reports – we are fishing with science.

Where Are they Biting?

Any anglers who are trolling for pelagics should make their way to the outside cold-water edge to the west - located at a 26.58.280 and an 85.25.440. At roughly 10k feet of water.

There is a cold-water edge ripping from East to West, with a sharp turn from North to South that looks very promising for pelagic activity. The East side edge with the temp break edge is right over the infamous 100 fathom curve, into 550 ft., located at 26.58.100 and an 84.20.200.

We fished on the east side edge and ran into huge schools of little Tuni and Blackfin Tuna. Birds and weed lines were not hard to locate. After we worked the current's edge, we did some bottom fishing in 550-750ft., and caught an array of bottom fish, including Yellow Edge, Tile fish, Scamp, Gag Grouper, and Kitty Mitchell.

What’s Next?

A few more trips to deep water, then we are gearing up for Red Snapper and Gag Grouper season. That’s it for our fishing report for the first week of May 2019, in the Gulf. Check back next week to see where the fish are biting and where the winds are favorable.