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The 7 Best Places to Fish in South Florida

Posted by Brittini Swenson on

Pier in South Florida

Looking for the best places to fish in South Florida? Well look no further! We asked the Gillz Gear pros for their favorite fishing spots in Florida and this is what they told us. 

1 – Key West

The Florida Keys are considered by most to be the fishing capital of the world. And for good reason. There are over 50 fishing tournaments a year in the Florida Keys, it’s a paradise of endless summer and it is one of the most beautiful laces in the world.

The amount of tarpon, marlin and tuna you can catch in the Florida Keys is astounding. WE highly recommend that all fisherman, anglers and sea lovers make their way to the Florida Keys at some point on their lives. It truly is one of the best places to fish in South Florida.

But be sure to bring the best UV fishing shirts, because boy does it get hot.

2 – Stuart

The Stuart area is legendary for big snook and is often considered one of the best major snook fisheries on the East Coast.  Summer as the prime time for trophy snook since the fish are spawning then. If you’re looking for a lesser known but equally incredible place to catch fish in South Florida, then we highly recommend Stuart.

3 - Ocean Off Haulover Inlet To Government Cut

“One of Miami’s best kept fishing secrets is the variety of fish that can be caught with live shrimp drifting 100 to 300 yard off the beaches from Haulover Inlet to Government Cut.”

It’s true that there are most places to Fish in South Florida because tis always summer. Even in winter you find lots of really great fish. This strip of the South Florida coast is home to hundreds of tarpon from 20 to 180 pounds in the winter season. There’s also snapper, jacks, blue runners, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel. The best time to fish here is in winter, from October through April.

4 – Blackpoint Marina

Blackpoint Marina is one of the best places to fish in South Florida because there’s more to do than just fishing. It’s located near Biscayne National Park which is filed with dockside restaurants, bars, picnic areas, and bike trails. It’s a full day out and a great place to visit frequently for fish and any outdoor activities. The jetty extends 1.5 miles into the bay for casting some great fish.

5 – Boca North Jetty

The is the best spot to take your boat out to do some fishing through the jetty. For the best results you should fish around the tide. Low tide is your best bet on the inside of the bridges and high tide is your best bet out on the jetty.

Bes sure to bring live bait if you really want to make the most out of the fishing hot spot in South Florida.

6 – Coral Gables

Coral gables is a beautiful place close to Miami. If you have ever wanted to visit Miami on a fishing trip, a trip to Coral Gables might be your best bet.

In Coral Gables you can find snook, sea trout, redfish, and flounder in shore. Offshore, you'll find sailfish, swordfish, tuna, mahi mahi (dolphinfish), king mackerel, wahoo, and gulf sturgeon.

7 – Lake Okeechobee

We have spent enough time yapping about off shore fishing and sea fishing, so here’s one for the lake fishers out there. Lake Okeechobee is one of the best lakes to fish in South Florida.

The guides have great information and can point you to the best fishing spots on the lake and give you all the info you need.

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