Signs You Need A New Fishing Hat

man with old baseball hat

If you are out on your boat every weekend, your fishing hat is sure to get a good bit of use. Although it takes some time to break in that hat and get it to fit just how you like, your favorite fishing hat will not last forever. It may be time to finally toss that old one and get a new hat for fishing.  

How to Know When You Need A New Fishing Hat

While you can, of course, try to clean your fishing hat, when your hat is too far gone, there is no amount of cleaning that can save it. If your hat is badly torn, ripped, or stained, it is time to face the music. Trade in that old hat for a brand new fishing hat.

While it is the thought that counts, that new hat for fishing that your kids got you for Father’s Day just isn’t your style. Some people prefer fitted while others prefer snapback. There is just something about snapbacks that you do not like. Trade up that snapback you don’t really like for a new performance hat like the Gillz Men's Contender Performance Hat. Just throw on that snapback every once in a while when the kids are around.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, your new fishing hat just doesn’t seem to fit right. It’s either too big or too small, or the shape just isn’t right on your head.  Instead of getting irritated and insisting that you will eventually be able to break it in correctly, just go out and get a new one you like. There is no sense in wearing a hat that is uncomfortable.

The worst part about a new hat is trying to break in the brim to your liking. This can take a bit of time so when you finally do, it can be hard to let that hat go. The issue arises when your hat is a bit too broken in. You may bend the brim too far or even break it. These problems will only get worse as time goes on, so it is best to admit defeat and buy a new hat like the GILLZ Patch Snap Blue Sapphire Hat.

 If you are out on your boat on a regular basis, you have a great excuse to build up your collection of performance hats. Especially if you are a professional fisherman, your closet should be filled with the top new fishing hats. At Gillz Gear, we have the finest fishing apparel including shirts, masks, and of course, hats. No matter what your wife may say, you can never have too many hats.