Stay Out On the Water Longer with New Products From Gillz®

When it comes to performance fishing clothes, Gillz® offers what you need to stay out on the water longer, with more chances to hook the big one. Here are some of the newest products Gillz® has to offer. 

GillzMask™ - Waterman AOP Snorkel Blue

If you need a fishing mask, look no further than the GillzMask™. Now available in snorkel blue, the new pattern looks like waves in the deep, blue sea. The mask offers unique GillzVents™ to keep you cool, especially while out on a boat, directing airflow down your neck and back. There's also a vent to prevent your glasses from fogging. The GillzTec fabric is rated UPF 50+, helping protect you from sunburns. It's also stain-resistant, to help keep you clean when you're packing up your catch. 

GillzMask™ - "Mahi All Over Print"

Another new color for the GillzMask™, the "Mahi All Over Print" copies the colors of the mahi-mahi fish, with bright yellow and blue giving way to a dark gray. If you are looking for performance fishing gear to fit your style, Gillz® offers a variety of prints for their fishing masks.

Men's Long Sleeve UV Tournament Series V2

Whether you are fishing in a tournament or simply looking for a long day angling, the UV Tournament Series V2 long sleeve shirt is perfect for keeping you cool and safe from the sun. Rated UPF 50+ to keep 98% of the sun's rays off of your skin, it is made with GillzTec fabric. The moisture-wicking ability of the fabric and cross-ventilation keeps you dry while keeping you cool during even the hottest days. It is now available in High Rise Grey, with grey-colored waves, and the same Snorkel Blue as the GillzMask™. You can also find the shirts in white or High Pressure Blue.

Men's Long Sleeve UV Contender Series - Dress Blue

While lacking the cross-ventilation of the Tournament series, the Contender series, now available in Dress Blue, will keep you cool and comfortable as well. The long sleeve shirt is rated UPF 50+, is lightweight and breathable, and the Interlock microfiber fabric is double brushed for comfort. The performance fishing shirt is incredibly durable and resistant to picking.

Gillz® Visor

Featured in both Turbulence Bass and Goblin Blue, the Gillz® Visor helps to protect your face from the sun's rays when you don't want to wear a full hat. It offers long-lasting comfort and features an adjustable fit.

Men's Extreme Scales Hat

Are you looking for your next fishing hat? Go with the Extreme Scales Hat, which has greyish-blue scales and the iconic Gillz® name emblazoned across the front. It's perfect for keeping your face protected, especially when paired with a GillzMask™.

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