Summer Bass Fishing with Stephanie Hutcheson


Stephanie Hutcherson


Who says men are the only ones who fish? Gillz Performance Apparel Prostaff Team Member Stephanie Hutcheson is on fire! While rocking her women’s fishing apparel from Gillz Gear, Stephanie has been dominating. Going into the final few tournaments of the season, Hutcheson is ranked the number 1 angler in the BFL’s Gator Division as a non-boater qualifying her to compete in the BFL regional championship tournament. In addition, Stephanie has qualified to fish in the Costa Series Championship by placing 14th in points in FLW’s Costa Series as a non-boater. She’s catching bass everywhere she goes!

With summertime here, the central Florida Pro breaks down her favorite technique for catching bass, not only in Florida but across the country. “My favorite technique in the summer is chatterbait fishing!” exclaims the Gillz Pro. Fishing with Stephanie Hutcherson means being smart about what you are doing. Bass will be hiding out in thick vegetation such as grass or hydrilla and the chatterbait is an excellent bait for targeting them. Stephanie likes to work the chatterbait through grass as well as along isolated targets such as laydowns, irregularities or under docks. Bass will use these places as ambush points and readily attack a chatterbait. Many anglers that fish chatterbaits rely on a steady retrieve, but Stephanie likes to break the rules by switching up her retrieve. “You’ll catch more fish if you incorporate some action into the retrieve with your rod tip. A simple pause in your retrieve or pop of your rod tip can be enough for a reaction strike.” she explains.  “It’s very effective for me!”.

Stephanie’s favorite colors include white, chartreuse or green. Her key component to her chatterbait system is the Tightlines UV Sow Belly Swimmer trailer. The UV technology in the Tightlines UV trailer reflects ultraviolet light just like a real baitfish making the bait ultra-realistic. She generally matches the color of the Sow Belly Swimmer trailer to the chatterbait with plain sexy/pearl and watermelon red being her most productive colors.

For her setup, Stephanie relies on 6.5 or 7 to 1 baitcasting reel spooled up with 30 lb. braid. She uses braided line in most conditions with the chatterbait but will change to fluorocarbon for the clearest of lakes. She matches her reel with a custom MHX rod specifically the SSP845-MHX 7’0” blank. The rod has a heavy but moderate fast action that can get fish up and out of heavy cover when needed. 

Summertime is still here! Grab your fishing apparel, get you a chatterbait and go catch some bass! Try Stephanie Hutcheson’s favorite bait along with her tips and techniques for hot summer action! Also don’t forget to follow our fishing blog for more updates on our Prostaff team members and helpful fishing tips.

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