boats in a rowNational Fishing and Boating Week is just around the corner. Get ready for free fishing and plan to take a newbie out on the water to give them a taste of fishing life!

Gillz pro fishing staff provides Florida fishing reports for November 12. See which fish are biting and where they are. Great fishing sports explained here.

We have all the best places to fish in the Keys, including Key West fishing spots that serious anglers frequent. A little off the beaten path, but close to other great spots.

We list the best places to fish in South Florida including The Florida Keys, Stuart, and Lake Okeechobee. 

Learning anything new is always a scary and frustrating time. No problem. Gillz Gear has created a list of fishing tips for beginners. Follow these 9 tips to get started!

Morning FishingAnglers all over the country, even those living near world-class fishing waters, feel the need to explore other locations for new and exciting fishing adventures. If you want to truly appreciate great fishing, you need to do some traveling, visit new waters, and experience different areas.

So where should you go on your next fishing trip? Consider some of these top fishing destinations to get started.

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Fishing Guides Carolina BackwatersBreathe Like a Fish is proud to work with some of the best anglers in the country. From competitive anglers to fishing guides, people who need comfort and sun protection on the water choose fishing apparel from Breathe Like a Fish. Companies like Carolina Backwaters, a leading guide service in Charleston, SC, know that having the right fishing apparel is essential for a successful day.
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Florida Fishing Tournament in Key WestFishing tournaments in Florida offer anglers from across the country the chance to test their skills against the best.

Florida offers some of the most unique and diverse fishing in the world. In one single state, you can cover deep-sea fishing, saltwater flats, bass lakes, and muddy-water catfish streams. It’s an angler’s paradise, and it’s home to some of the best fishing tournaments in the country.

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Breathe Like a Fish is proud to work with some of the best anglers in the country. These men and women know their fishing inside and out, and they expect the best from their apparel and their equipment. Bill Miller, an expert angler and one of the nation’s most popular fishing show hosts, has selected Breathe Like a Fish as one of his top apparel choices, and we are proud to be one of his sponsors.

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