The Deep Sea Gear You Need for a Great Day of Fishing

There’s a lot to consider before you head out on a deep sea fishing trip. If you’re a serious angler you probably have a handle on the essentials, but it’s always good to keep an open mind about new gear that could add to the success of the trip. Plus, it’s a good idea to do an audit every once in a while of your gear. Would you benefit from high-performance fishing shirts, new face mask, or polarized sunglasses? This is a collection of helpful, convenient, and safety-enhancing gear to make your time on the water that much more fun and productive.

Braided Line and Braid Scissors

Braided line never really went away but it is enjoying something of a renaissance in freshwater and saltwater fishing as the technology yields ever thinner, stronger, more reliable examples of it. While the braid-only and mono-only camps may never see eye to eye, the wise angler recognizes that both have their place on the boat.

The durability of braided line also means it can be a bear to cut. That’s why if you have braid in the water, or onboard, you should have a pair of braid scissors handy. Alternately (or additionally), keep a sturdy, sharp, perhaps partially serrated knife at hand. A good knife is a staple aboard a fishing boat anyway.

Fishing Hat and Mask

Every captain needs a hat. A breathable, high-performance fishing hat will protect an angler on the water and stand up to the elements. Seek out one that’s adjustable for comfort and that has a curved brim to help keep sun out of your face. A mesh back will keep you cool on the water as well.

If you have yet to take advantage of a fishing mask, remedy that. You can’t do better than the GillzMask from Gillz™. In addition to providing UPF 50+, they protect wearers from the sting of spray and insects. The ventilated front-mesh and vents does away with obnoxious sunglasses fog so you can wear your polarized sunglasses while staying focused on the task at hand. Ventilation is, in fact, a standout feature of the GillzMask. The GillzVents, reminiscent of gills on a fish, vent air around either side of your neck as an innovative way to keep you cool, protected, and dry.

Buckets, Coolers, and an Aerator

The average fishing boat captain probably won’t need a reminder to bring a cooler aboard their vessel. Having several coolers and buckets onboard, however, can prove extremely convenient. Buckets are great for storing lose tackle, cut bait, tools, and anything else that needs storing. Coolers are most often employed to take food and drink aboard the boat and the catch of the day off of it. If your craft isn’t outfitted with a livewell, those coolers and buckets can be outfitted with an aerator for a makeshift livewell that will keep your bait alive for the duration of your fishing trip.

High-Performance Clothing

While a T-shirt and shorts is the official uniform of many domestic fishing boat captains, that’s actually not a great choice for a day, or more, at sea. Exposed skin means an increased risk of sunburn, overheating, or discomfort on cold and wet mornings. It’s also more vulnerable to cuts, scrapes, scratches, and burns from a number of different sources.

Opt for long pants and long sleeve fishing shirts instead. Quick-drying, moisture-wicking polyester pants and polyester performance fishing shirts are the perfect choice, offering coverage and protection while being light enough to be breathable and comfortable. Some of the best fishing shirts, like those from Gillz™, will have exceptional cooling, such as their patented chemical-free CoolCore™ Technology shirts. In addition to being moisture-wicking and offering UPF 50+ protection, these high-performance shirts from Gillz™ will keep you cooler than the competition. And of course, always go with closed-toed, functional shoes with reliable traction and keep at least three types of gloves aboard—thick canvas or leather work gloves, medium nitrile-grip gloves, and light latex or nitrile gloves.

About Gillz™

When he gets the opportunity to fish, Kent Hickman takes it. As a youngster growing up in his native Florida, Kent would routinely walk miles a day to reach the Sunshine State’s world-renowned fisheries. That childhood love of angling, and love of the water in general, never faded. Kent would even go on to compete in professional tournaments. In addition to fish, as its nickname suggests, Florida has no lack of sunshine. But Kent could never find fishing clothes that provided coverage and protection from the elements and insects while remaining cool, comfortable, and lightweight. In response, Kent founded Gillz™ in 2009 to provide anglers access to high-quality, high-performance fishing apparel. That apparel includes fishing shirts, their famous GillzMask fishing masks, and a wide selection of additional professional-level gear and accessories.

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