Tips for Fishing for Bass in the Summer Heat

Beat the Heat and Catch the Fish with These Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing during the summer means changing your tactics from spring. Both you and the fish will have to deal with the summer heat. While you can get fishing clothes to deal with the heat, fish will swim in different parts of the water. Here are some tips that will help you find the fish and land a big catch any time of the day, despite the sizzling sun.

Getting the Big Catch

It’s easy to tell when the bass move their swimming spots for the summer. Areas of lakes, ponds, and rivers that used to hold big bass now only have small bass. If you can’t find a bass that weighs more than a pound, you need to find colder water. Smaller fish have a higher tolerance for warmer water compared to larger fish. Warm water is closer to the surface, so you have to go lower. That means heavier plastic and jigs to sink below the smaller fish as fast as possible. Until you are experienced, consider using very affordably priced lures, as you may lose them. Also, be prepared to keep reknotting.

Fish All Day Long

You have a great chance of catching fish in the morning, as you might expect. You are more likely to find bass in the shallow area near the shore during this time. In the late morning, the water temperature has increased, and the fish are more active. While many anglers will then call it quits, using the right fishing apparel, such as UPF 50+ rated, moisture-wicking fishing shirts that will keep you cool, means you can stay out longer without fear of getting too hot or catching a sunburn. This is when you want to fish deeper in the water. In the evening, the temperature drops again. The height is usually somewhere around 5 p.m., while temperatures around 8 or 9 p.m. are ideal and much like morning fishing.

Try Ledge Fishing

Bass leave the shallow areas of a lake for the deeper parts, as mentioned earlier. Instead of staying on the shore, try to find a ledge. Often found in man-made reservoirs, these ledges can lead to much deeper water. You will want heavily weighted baits and deep-diving plugs. Once the sun is higher, and the fish are active, cast to the ledge and try to stair-step it down, hopping across the ledge until it falls. Be vigilant, as you could get a strike even while the lure is falling. Be wary of anything the lure might snag on and keep feeling your way down to the edge of the ledge.

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