Tips for Keeping Warm and Staying Cool While Fall Fishing

Despite the likelihood of more moderate temperatures, achieving and maintaining comfort when fall fishing can actually be tougher than it is at other times of the year. It’s easy to prepare for the extreme but reliable heat and cold of summer and winter. In the fall, however, you could be watching your breath and shivering in the morning, pouring sweat by noon, and soaked by a downpour (or even a snowstorm, depending on where you live) by the afternoon. While the conditions can be tricky, successfully gearing up for fall fishing is no problem with a little foresight. Access to a reliable thermos and quality fishing shirts doesn’t hurt either.

Pack Temperature-Appropriate Clothing, Food, and Drink

Wearing a breathable long sleeve fishing shirt and a performance hat or fishing mask is a vital step. Make sure the gear you choose is breathable and moisture wicking with sun protection. Antimicrobial and cooling technology are signs of a superior, quality performance fishing shirt.

But, if your body is running on empty, your gear alone won’t be enough to keep you on the water for the hours ahead. To help you stay alert and comfortable, bring high-protein snacks like trail mix along to keep something in the tank. It’ll also give you an excuse to buy beef jerky to keep you fueled on the go. Staying properly hydrated is also just as important in cold weather as in hot weather. A high-quality thermos is an ideal piece of gear for any temperature, to keep something—coffee, tea, soup—hot for the morning, and something cold for the afternoon.

Protect the Head and Extremities

A performance cap is always a great option on the water. It provides coverage and protection from the sun when it emerges. A fishing mask is also a great investment for keeping the sensitive skin on your face and ears out of wind and spray. The best fishing masks will provide plenty of ventilation and UPF protection. The GillzMask by Gillz™, for instance, offers ventilation that is designed to look like the gills of a fish and that allows for ventilation throughout. Add a pair of UV-protection sunglasses as well and you’ll be protected from the elements during a fall day on the water.

Now that your head and eyes are covered, make sure to protect your extremities. That means warm socks and close-toed fishing shoes with ample traction. Weird as it may sound, for keeping your hands warmer but less encumbered by gloves or mittens, consider wearing a pair of latex or nitrile gloves. They provide a surprising amount of warmth while keeping your hands dry and ready to reel one in. Cut-resistant gloves can help one stay safe on a rocking boat when you need to cut the bait, line, or your catch.

Layer Up

Fall fishing doesn’t require the sort of layering that’s necessary for winter fishing. For fall, use a couple of layers for keeping warmer earlier and later in the day when it’s cool, and which are easy to remove to make yourself comfortable if it warms up. The specifics of that layering are best determined by how warm and cold it generally gets in your area. But rain or shine, it’s always a great idea to have a long sleeve, breathable, performance fishing shirt to protect you from the elements. The best will offer sun protection and ventilation while being moisture-wicking so you can keep your focus on the fish.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to keep rain gear handy just in case. An extra set of clothing is a lifesaver if your clothes are soaked through when the temperature drops. Also consider bringing along a towel. It’s a little thing, but being able to dry off your hands, at least, is great after handling fish or otherwise getting them wet.

About Gillz™

Whenever he gets the chance, Kent Hickman is fishing. As a youngster he regularly walked miles a day to access the world-renowned fishing available in his native Florida. His childhood love for angling and being on the water never did fade and Kent fished into adulthood, even competing in professional tournaments. Apart from fish, however, Florida featured no shortage of intense sunshine. Unfortunately, Kent couldn’t ever find lightweight, cool, comfortable fishing clothing that offered effective protection from both the elements and insect life. So in 2009, Kent founded Gillz™ to fill that gap so anglers would have high-quality fishing shirts, fishing masks, and other high-performance clothing for competitions and beyond. As it turns out, there are a lot of people out there who love to fish and appreciate gear that’s optimized for their lifestyle. Today, high-performance Gillz™ gear is being worn by professional and hobby anglers all over.

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