Top 5 Destinations for Memorable Fishing Trips

Top 5 Destinations for Memorable Fishing Trips

Grab your fishing apparel! This year is the year to take that big fishing excursion. Whatever kind of memorable fishing trip you are looking for, these five destinations are must-haves on your fishing destinations bucket list.

For the Experienced Fisherman

Stock up your tacklebox and grab your fishing masks, UV fishing shirts, and UV hoodie. You need all the performance fishing gear you have, as this trip is for experienced fishmen only! Cairns, Australia is the spot to catch the giant black marlin. Try early September to late December for the best odds of reeling in this beauty.1 Many fishermen have tried and failed – are you ready for the challenge?

With Your Family

The best fishing trips with your family are ones where there are plenty of fish to catch to keep the kids entertained. In the summer, red snappers are in abundance in Orange Beach, Alabama. The Gulf tends to be calm, making it ideal for small kids who do not have their sea legs yet. Buy your wife a women’s fishing shirt to get her onboard. Time flies, so take your kids while you still can!

For a Good Day Out on the Water with the Boys

When it comes to memorable fishing trips with the boys, Key West tops the list. Key West has bonefish, redfish, permit, tarpon and plenty of fishing charters. Not only is Key West known as a picturesque place for fishermen, but also the area is home to variety of top-notch bars and restaurants to please everyone in your party.

Remember this memorable fishing trip will probably be a full day outing with plenty of beer, so make sure everyone has UV protection apparel including hats and sunglasses. The fastest way to ruin a great fishing trip is to wake up hungover with painful sunburn.

In the USA

The surreal landscape and wildlife of Alaska make this state a must-see on the list of memorable fishing trips. Because the state is so vast and has so much coastline, there is a variety of game to go after. Salmon, trout, halibut – take your pick. The Kenai Peninsula in particular is a popular spot. Experienced fishermen will enjoy battling the cold weather; but beware; you could end up fishing salmon next to a bear.

In the World

Looking for an international fishing destination? At Gillz, we have just the place. Try the Umba River in Russia for some of the best Atlantic Salmon fishing in the world. The beautiful mountains, rushing water, and flying salmon are a sight to see. The area has lodging specific for international tourists coming from all over for the world just for fishing.

Whatever your idea of a good time is, these memorable fishing trips are sure to please.



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