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Top Fishing Destinations To Have An Unforgettable Fishing Experience

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Diehard anglers, is there anything they love more than exploring new waters? Even if you live close to some of the best fishing, there’s really nothing like the thrill of a fishing getaway. Can you picture the peace out there, away from the world? The fresh air blowing across your face while you relax and wait for the tug on the line. We’re here to help you discover your new life-changing destination. We can tell you the best places to fish, and stay protected from the sun and elements when you get there, Gillz-Gear.com

Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota

Minnesota, anglers say it is a location to fall in love with and consider as the ideal fishing location. Minnesota offers you Lake of the Woods – a lake taking up nearly 300,000 acres of the state. This same lake also touches the borders of Canada at Ontario and Manitoba. What you will love about this lake is the peace of it all. You can expect to catch Black Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, Walleye, and Yellow Perch here.

The Florida Keys

True angler, you can only call yourself that if you have been to Florida Keys’ waters. These waters are rich in sea life, and allow you to fish in deep waters or just in the shallow coral reefs. The most amazing place for the truest of fishers is Key West, not only because it has great weather for fishing, but also because you get to catch such a diversified species of fish and sea animals. Your best catch in the Florida Keys are going to be Tuna and Sailfish.

Upper Peninsula Of Michigan

If you are an angler who wants remoteness and distance from the crowd for a pure fishing experience, you are going to love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This area of Michigan has just 3% of the state’s population living here. What you will love is the number of options you will have when it comes to choosing the lake since there are so many. Lake Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are the best destinations for your Michigan fishing trip.

The Louisiana Bayou

The Louisiana Bayou is a perfect destination not only for fishing, but a family vacation trip too. You can fish during the day to catch the fighting fish, and dedicate your night to the vibrant and colorful nightlife of the Gulf Coast. Bass, catfish, and redfish are going to be your common catches in the Bayou.

Prince Wales Island Of Alaska

Alaska fishing? Not many people think of it when it comes to fishing without realizing that they are missing out on one of the best places to fish. If you’re an adventurous person and you love to fish in the sea, Prince Wales Island of Alaska has to be on the top of your fishing list. These waters offer Pacific Cod, Halibut, Rockfish, Pacific Salmon and many other species that are exclusive to this water.

Dressed to Enjoy All Of Your Fishing Locations

The harsh effects of the sun, no matter where you’re fishing, protecting your body from wind and rain is important for allowing you to continue enjoying all of these fantastic fishing locations. We here at Gillz are always excited about the great look and style we bring to today’s fisherman and fisherwoman. But looks and style are not enough when you are outdoors all day. This is why we have combined the looks and style with the best protection in the industry, Gillz Gear is number one.

Check out all the locations we have suggested as the top fishing sites, but before you go, check out our website www.gillz-gear.com and get yourself the right style and protection so the next trip you take to one of these top fishing sites is perfect.

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