Upgrade Your Florida Fishing Gear for Safety and Comfort

Florida is one of the most desirable fishing locations on the planet. Its large and diverse collection of both freshwater and saltwater fisheries makes it among the top places to fish in the U.S. However, Florida’s inviting climate and wealth of water, exactly the conditions that make it such an angler’s paradise, also present certain inconveniences, risks, and even hazards when not respected. Those include the Sunshine State’s abundant storms, powerful rays from the sun, insects, wildlife, and a variety of other natural risks to comfort and well-being. Thankfully, some judicious planning, including upgrading the clothing you wear and the precautions you take when fishing, can greatly reduce many of of the risks.

Coverage Is the Key to Comfort (and Safety)

If you’re an experienced angler fishing in Florida, the sun might not seem like much of a threat at all. That’s particularly true for those who aren’t prone to sunburns. Plus, as hot as the Sunshine State can be, dressing light in a T-shirt and shorts on the water can just seem like a common-sense response to the weather.

Unfortunately, exposing skin to the sun can be dangerous, particularly if one regularly gets sunburns. While it may seem counterintuitive, more clothing coverage is not only far safer for your skin, but it can also keep you cooler. But when you’re sport fishing, it needs to be the right kind of coverage—just throwing on any old shirt won’t do.

Fishing-Specific Clothing

Investing in some high-performance fishing shirts and pants to provide that coverage is a great way to go. Some of the best high-performance fishing shirts incorporate technology that optimize them for a day on the water. Look for long-sleeve shirts fabricated from microfiber polyester, which is moisture wicking, and make sure they’re also antimicrobial to reduce odor and stain-resistant. The best performance shirts will also provide UPF protection, some as much as 50+. Look for similar characteristics in fishing pants—heavier-duty than the shirts, but still lightweight quick-dry polyester, ideal for a day on the water.

Necessary Accessories

The term “accessories” generally suggests clothing options that are less important than the traditional gear. When it comes to comfort and protection while fishing under the Florida sun, however, that’s definitely not the case. One of the features of sun protection that’s not to be overlooked is the fishing mask. Particularly in an environment like Florida, a fishing mask provides terrific protection from the sun and wind, as well as from the attack of insects and from the sting of spray coming up off a boat. An excellent pro angler’s fishing mask is the GillzMask from Gillz™. In addition, every angler should incorporate a high-quality fishing hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses.

About Gillz™

Whenever he has the opportunity to go fishing, Kent Hickman seizes it. Even as a child Kent lived to fish the Sunshine State, routinely walking miles in a day to drop a line in Florida’s world-renowned fisheries. His childhood love of fishing and the water never faded. As an adult he went on to fish tournaments professionally. As its nickname denotes, in addition to fish, Florida has an abundance of sunshine. However, Kent couldn’t find fishing clothing that remained cool, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, while providing protection from insects and the elements. So in 2009, Kent founded Gillz™ in order to give anglers access to high-performance, high-quality fishing apparel. In addition to fishing shirts, that apparel includes the brand’s popular GillzMask fishing mask, along with a terrific selection of other gear and accessories such as fishing hats and polarized sunglasses.

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