What shoes should I wear for fishing?

Sneakers, boat shoes, rainboots, sandals, barefoot. The possibilities are endless but there may be some footwear that is better than others. As you load up on performance fishing clothing like UV fishing shirts and fishing masks, do not forget about your feet. While you may be able to get away with everyday sandals or go barefoot for the casual fishing trip, more serious ventures may require more serious footwear for better success and safety. As performance fishing gear experts, we at Gillz Gear have some opinions about the best fishing shoes. 

Types of Fishing Shoes

Like most athletic activities, fishing has its own set of specialized footwear, but even fishing shoes aren’t uniform. When searching for performance fishing gear, you may be able to find everything from specialized fishing sandals to fishing boots.

Each type of shoe has their own pros and cons. While fishing sandals have the benefit of being cooler and more relaxed, they may lack the traction some fisherman want. On the other hand, fishing boots and sneakers are solid and stable, but may feel bulky and hot. Still some people may choose to go with boat shoes instead. The type of shoe you want will depend on your fishing ventures and perhaps the intensity of those ventures. Whether you choose a specialized fishing shoe or not, you probably want something waterproof, durable, and with good traction for the most enjoyable and safest experience.

The most important factors when choosing what to wear on your feet when you are fishing is how comfortable and safe you feel. Every fisherman will have their own preferences, so at Gillz Gear we recommend trying a few different options out to discover what you like best.