What to Look for in High-Performance Fishing Apparel

Why You Want High-Performance Fishing Apparel and What to Look For

Performance fishing apparel has become increasingly popular recently. It has gone from solely the domain of pros on the tournament circuit to a relatively common choice for amateur anglers. The transition to a mainstream audience makes sense. Performance fishing shirts, pants, even face masks are specially designed to make a day on the water safer and more comfortable. If you have yet to experience the difference high-performance apparel can make, it’s time to try it out. The question is—what should you look for in professional-grade, high-performance fishing gear?

Look for More Coverage

As mentioned, the primary reason to invest in high-performance fishing apparel is that it can make your time on the water more comfortable and even safer. High-performance fishing apparel should keep you cooler by protecting your skin from direct exposure to sunlight. With the right fabric, even though it may seem counterintuitive, the more of you that’s covered, the cooler you’re likely to be. So look for performance fishing shirts that are long-sleeved. 

Look for Lightweight and Breathable Fabric

Professional fishing gear should feature high-grade polyester. It should be lightweight and breathable enough that it allows for air flow-through. This type of fabric will help to keep you cool while the coverage the shirt provides keeps the sun off of your skin. Both performance fishing shirts and pants should be light, breathable performance polyester or polyester blends.

Look for Moisture-Wicking Features

The polyester fabric in your professional fishing shirt should be fully optimized to keep you comfortable. Performance fishing apparel should offer exceptional moisture-wicking technology integrated into the fabric. Organic fabrics tend to accumulate moisture, getting soggy, but the right polyester or polyester blend will actually help to keep you dry. The right apparel for long days of fishing will wick moisture away and dry quickly, to keep you comfortable even if you’re sweating or getting wet.

Look for UV-Protection

Another important feature of any high-performance fishing apparel you choose is the UV protection it offers. Simple coverage isn’t enough, the fabric should feature built-in UV protection, to keep you cool and protected from the sun. Look for fishing apparel that provides UPF 50+ sun protection. That’s going to block around 98% of UVA/UVB rays, which helps make your time on the water more comfortable, as well as protect you from unexpected sunburns if you lose track of time and stay out all day.

About Gillz®

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